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Any One heard of Mysore it is so nice city in India? more info pls!?
You can buy any brand you want, it is all standard. As mentioned faucets have different centers but there is a wide selection in all sizes by many manufactures. I would not use the plumber who said you HAD to use Kohler. If he is not trustworthy.
The policeman’s car is moving at 40.0 m/s to the right and has a total mass of 1800 kg. The criminal’s car is initially moving in the same direction at 38 m/s. His car has a total mass of 1500 kg. Assuming an elastic collision, determine their two velocities immediately after the bump.
Cheaper, More malleable, and repairs? Though easier, it last about as long as it takes for an egg to rot.
I need to replace my shut off valve on water heater. I am wandering what type of solrder to use solrdering the copper pipe?
I think there may be more than one reason. For example the Houston franchise was denied permission to use a throwback jersey that had an Image of the Colt .45 pistol. In 2013 the NFL stipulated that Players may not change helmets during the season. This effectively prevents throwback uniforms if the helmet color must be changed, So, Tampa Bay scrapped plans for throwback uniform because the helmet color would have to be changed from silver to white. While the Buffalo Bills were able to ware throwback uniforms because the base color of the helmets was the same all that had to be done was to change decals on the helmets. As for why the NFL required the use of the same helmet I can only guess that it has something to do with the concern about concussions. Though for the life of me I would think that having more than one correctly fit helmet would be a requirement in the event that a helmet were damaged in some way. I do not see why it would not be possible to have a different color shell..
recently, my smoke detectors have been going off for no reason. I have 4 that are Carbon Monoxide/smoke and 4 that are just smoke. they are all interconnected through the electrical system. They were all new and installed by an electrician on May 16 2004. I know that they are not picking up Carbon monoxide because the CO alarm sounds different than the smoke alarm. Both types are BRK Electronics Carbon/smoke Model : SC612B and the ones that are standard smoke detectors Model 4120B. All the batteries were recently changed in all 8 units. any help would be appreciated!
Wash them :p lol nah, just wash them and rinse them with vinigar, it wil lget rid of the scent
Dont fires make CO2? Like most things that burn have carbon (natural gas is ch4, wood is cellulose c6h12o6 polymer, gasoline and kerosene are hydrocarbons). So why doesnt the fire out itself out sorry if these are stupid questions I just started 9th grade honors chem and jus curious
I'm 74 years old and have no vision in my left eye. I also never even rode as a passenger on a motorcycle until I attended the MSF 3 day school four years ago. Since I have had the vision problem for years and have become accustomed to the depth perception problems associated with one eye vision, I have had no problems riding. Give it a go, and good luck.
Let say you're shoot in a leg and losing a large amount of blood .Is it possible to use a fire extinguisher to stop or reducing blood loss ( until the Ambulance arrives ) ?
It all depends on the chemicals that they use there. There are some pretty nasty pesticides that can be used as well as fungicides. They should provide you with proper safety equipment(masks/clothing) to protect you if you need to be in the greenhouse when they are being applied. Some greenhouses only use natural means to control pests and diseases though, so you would need to ask. The bottom line is, yes, this could be potentially an unhealthy place to work, it all depends on how they operate and how sensitive you are to these chemicals. I found out working in a greenhouse, that I am alllergic to fungicides. If I get it on my hands and touch my face it gets all itchy and inflammed. You have to remember though, that you have been in contact with whatever chemicals they use all along if you have been up front selling the plants, since the residue is still on them. So if you haven't had any problems so far, I wouldn't worry too much about switching to the back, just be sure they use good safety practices when things are being applied.
Are those meant to be humans or chicken or what?? Whats that yellow thing on their faces??
There's particularly a giant difference between a LAN and WAN connection. WAN connection may also be comfortably interrupted by way of some interference compared to LAN connection. I might propose that you as a substitute assess the speed that you're getting from your ISP as an alternative of relying on the velocity that you are getting out type you adapter connection statuses. In case you relatively want to get a better WAN velocity connection you would as well verify your modem or router wireless environment intent ideally adapters are most effective there to obtain a signal and if there's a drawback with you getting a excellent pace still after making certain that your computer is working adequate you might as well use yet another modem or router.
Can I use a small fire extinguisher bottle for my air tank on a homemade air rifle to hold 400psi?
Open the Rear access Door and Clean the rollers with Lint free cloth + alchohol or Sprit.