Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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Product Description:

Product Description

Material:High density polyethylene (microporous)

Feature: ventilate, breathable, light, tenacious, antistatic, dust proof, silicone free

                 type 5 ISO 13982 particle tight suit

                 type 6 EN 13034 limited splash tight suit


Usage: could be used in personal protective area, such as microbiological lab; public health emergency response; veterinarian; shipbuliding; pharmacy; insecticide; farming; painting; fiberglass producing; low concentration of liquid chemicals spraying and so on.

Certifications: CE/Type 5&6

Size: M~XXL, or customized


Packaging and shipping

  •  Regular packaging: 1pc/bag, 10pcs/ctn

  •  elastic bag could be printed with logo

  •  Delivery: 15~20 days after your deposit 

  • Started since 1997, with more then 18 years disposable products manufacturing experience, we are confident to satisify you with high quality at low price nonwoven products.

  • Over 300 employees working in the factory, we have considerable supplying ability, and could also afford to various products, including headwear, bodywear and footwear and so on.

Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood



Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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