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China Main Port
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100000 pair/month
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Product Description:


product name

PVC Dotted Gloves,Wear points yarn gloves plastic anti-skid gloves protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves




7g-15g ,S-XXL


yellow & white


breathable, slip resistance, seamless


as your request


As your request or  12pairs /dozen, 50 dozens-80dozens/woven bag or carton or according to your request


1-6 m



delivery time

within 20 days upon deposit

payment term

T/T. 30% deposit before production, the balance before shipment


construction, machinery, farm


breathable, slip resistance, seamless

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)

Model Number:
protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves
Load Capacity:
126000 Pairs Per 20GP, 261000 Pairs Per 4oGP
Border color:
white,yellow, brown,green, red or as per your requirement
Dotted with PVC for Added Grip and Durability.
7 pins or 10 pins
Knit Construction Allows Breathability with Less Hand Fatigue
Sample free
Safety work Industial work Household work Farm work

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If your smoke detectors are like many in knew homes, they may be linked up on a circuit to set them all off if smoke is detected, if that is the case there may be one or more other smoke detectors, that cause that one detector to beep, other than that its is true things go bad.
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call the place where your going to take the class. when i took it they provided the helmets and gloves. if not you can use your snowmobiles one if you can take off the accessories (double or electric visor) your best bet would be to call the place and ask them they will have all your answers and they might say its ok since your not riding on the street.
Q:why is it important to wear safety goggles when using the bunsen burner?
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There are chemicals in oven cleaner that are very caustic and harmful, not only to the skin, but the lungs and airway as well. If you're daughter insists on not wearing gloves, and wearing a face mask, then I'd advise having someone else clean the oven.
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most places it is no less than 100 feet in case of a fire
Q:Tips for repair car door lock?
A good topic would be vehicle safety. Most people don't have the proper equipment in their car to respond to an emergency. In just my one car, i have an escape tool, jumper cables, gloves, Fix- Flat, caution tape, first-aid kit, reflective vest, and a fire extinguisher. I have more than i probably need, but everyone should have jumper cables, a first-aid kit, and a small fire extinguisher. I think this would make a good topic. Think of how many lives could be saved if everyone have the proper equipment in their vehicles to respond to an emergency. Hope you like this idea. Good luck with your report.
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Beaker is pyrex glass which won't shatter when heating and cooling. Also, glass does not react with very many compounds (beware of HF, hydrofluoric acid tho). The stirring increase the surface area exposed to the solvent if the material dissolving is a solid, otherwise it just speeds up the mix. Precautions are a minimum of Safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a smock. Preferably use a face mask as well, and a hood that removes vapors.
Q:Who knows what kind of labor protection gloves (protective gloves) better, decoration used?
Currently on the market are many kinds of protective gloves, ordinary domestic gloves are more opaque and the price, performance and related material certification are not complete, it is not very good hand protection to ensure the user.
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