Supply durable industrial safety glove

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China Main Port
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100000 pair/month

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Product Description:


product name

PVC Dotted Gloves,Wear points yarn gloves plastic anti-skid gloves protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves




7g-15g ,S-XXL


yellow & white


breathable, slip resistance, seamless


as your request


As your request or  12pairs /dozen, 50 dozens-80dozens/woven bag or carton or according to your request


1-6 m



delivery time

within 20 days upon deposit

payment term

T/T. 30% deposit before production, the balance before shipment


construction, machinery, farm


breathable, slip resistance, seamless

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)

Model Number:
protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves
Load Capacity:
126000 Pairs Per 20GP, 261000 Pairs Per 4oGP
Border color:
white,yellow, brown,green, red or as per your requirement
Dotted with PVC for Added Grip and Durability.
7 pins or 10 pins
Knit Construction Allows Breathability with Less Hand Fatigue
Sample free
Safety work Industial work Household work Farm work

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Q:Tuner cars and Speed-bumps?
why not make the ramp end in a different location. seems to me it would be much easier, and cheaper
Q:Charcoal filter for a kitchen range hood?
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Other than a helmet all gear can have cheaper substitutes. Gloves can use leather work gloves like Wells Lamont or Army surplus. Cold weather gloves can use ski gloves but bike gloves are usually cheaper. Boots over the ankle leather work, cowboy or Army boots work. Goggles a pair of ski goggles or shop goggles will work Pants I used a pair of ski pants that I bought at a yard sale for $3 no armour but waterproof and warm Rain suit the cheap Wally World ones will work, but not last more than one season, as long as you keep them off exhaust. Panniers try horse saddlebags Packing and Camping gear Dry Bags used by rafters are completely waterproof and cheap copies will work too. Also look at lightweight backpacking gear.
Q:What does the building safety protection equipment contain?
Personal labor protection products are safety helmets, safety belts, safety (insulating) shoes, protective glasses, protective gloves, dust-proof (poison) masks, etc.;
Q:What are safety guards? What is the role of safety protection products?
Protective clothing: thermal insulation, waterproof, anti chemical corrosion, flame retardant, anti-static, anti radiation, suitable for high temperature or low temperature operation to heat preservation; moist or flooded environment to waterproof; may contact the chemical liquid with chemical protection; in the special environment of flame retardant, anti static electricity, pay attention to anti radiation.
Q:How to prevent occupational diseases of three paint
Usually recommend doing this, it is best to wear masks, try to keep the ventilation in the workplace, you can drink plenty of water, taking food and drug liver kidney, such as Inosine Tablets, a variety of vitamins, medlar, Radix Astragali, Radix Chrysanthemum Tea, red dates etc..
Q:What does the protective equipment include?
Foot protection: industrial boots, insulating boots, safety shoes, boots, acid and alkali resistant, anti-static shoes, oil resistantBody protection: acid resistant aprons, dust aprons, overalls, raincoats, solar umbrellaHigh altitude safety protection: overhead hanging belt, electric safety belt, safety rope, stepping board
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Q:What should we pay attention to when using labor insurance products?
As we all know, the operator entered production in field work, must wear personal protective equipment. Well, we all know how all kinds of labor insurance products can play a role in the use of it? Why should the operator must wear? Here, to give you a brief introduction, can more correct understanding and correct use, so that labor protection products to play the biggest role in the protection.

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