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Anti static, anti crash, safety shoes and insulating shoes, is it a kind of shoes?
Anti-static shoes, electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computer, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuit of the microelectronics industry production workshops and advanced laboratory to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards while wearing a work shoes.
How long is the service life of safety shoes?
Hello With the upstairs said, what is not mandatory, but the working environment, such as safety shoes, chemical corrosion resistance is generally three months to change, the best insulation static test once a month. Other safety shoes can be decided by the actual situation, usually for a quarter or half a year!
Does the shaver belong to labor protection products?
Labor protection articles on the protection of personal safety and the role of the use of labor protection products are divided into special labor protection supplies and general labor protection products. Labor protection articles not included in the catalogue for general labor protection articles shall be general labor protection articles.
What functions should the safety shoes used in the chemical workshop have?
There are many kinds of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products used in chemical production, and most of them are flammable, explosive, poisonous and corrosive dangerous chemicals.
What do you mean by "safety shoes"?
Safety shoes, also known as shoes for labor protection, are a kind of shoes with safety protection function to the feet. There are many kinds of it, such as toe protection, piercing proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc..
How can I take out the steel plate from the safety shoes?
That won't come unless the sole is broken.
Excuse me, what's the model of safety shoes and protective shoes? Thank you
Each company's model is different, usually only distinguish function. The main functions are anti - smashing, anti penetration, anti-static, insulation, high temperature, acid, alkali, anti-skid, oil resistance and so on. I can leave a message if necessary
What are the functions of the steel head of the safety shoes?
Protection of Baotou (impact) (200 + 4) J impact energy impact after the toe gap is larger than 15mm against falling objects