Semi- Metal Brake Shoe                   

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PJ1675

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Shoes




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Neutral Package, Color Box, Pallet,


Origin:Shandong, China

Production Capacity:1500000 PCS Per Month

Product Description

1). Material: Q235, Q345, 23k, 20k 

(2). Features: 
1. Stable Friction Coefficient 
2. Abrasion resistance 
3. Low noise and dustproof 
4. Environmental protection, green products 

(3). Certification: ISO9001: 2000, TS16949. 

(4)Our advantages: 
1. We can make brake shoe for Korean cars, Japanese cars, Europe cars and trucks 
2. Advanced Equipments and many year's experience of produce. 
3. More than 800 items 
4. We can supply the samples to customers and accept the trial order with small quantity 

(5). Usually neutral packing, we can also pack accoriding to customers' needs 

The price will be sent to you soon after receive your OEM no. FMSI no., FBK no., etc. 


Brake Shoe


ISO9001: 2008, TS16949


International Standard size

Apply to

Heavy trucks, Trailers, Buses

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)



Minimum Order Quantity

100 Piece/Pieces Trial Order


Qingdao Port, China

Packing Details


Delivery Time

30 days

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:How to choose a motorcycle
Buy yamaha red pretty
Q:What is the meaning of the brake of two wheels?
Brake is the brakes, brake the way the drum brake and disc brake two.
Q:What's wrong with my motorcycle brakes?
when it's in gear with the clutch engaged - this is normal I'm not sure if it's my front or rear brake - if your bike doesn't have a center stand put it up on a milk crate to find out if the prob is frt or r brake. result? U don't mention any noises before this happened, but I'd suspect something became loose or broken/worn and is binding.
Q:Is there an ABS system on a motorcycle?
Car ABS can not be copied to the motorcycle, because the motorcycle space is extremely limited, so ABS also "do as the Romans", to change the volume and structure to meet the needs of motorcycles. Take the ABS device of Yamaha motorcycle as an example. (The engine next to the side); two sets of sensor components placed in parallel on both sides of the wheel, responsible for monitoring and feedback wheel rotation of the subtle changes; ABS electronic control unit (the engine is the most important parts of the hydraulic control valve ECU) placed in the rear (under the seat cushion), responsible for handling the sensor feedback information and issued a command signal, control the hydraulic control valve to increase or decrease the brake hydraulic pressure. When the ECU found that the wheel has been locked (slip) phenomenon, immediately react, so that the hydraulic control valve solenoid valve open, so that brake fluid reflux storage room, wheel brake pressure drop; when the wheel rotation is accelerated, ECU And instructed to re-close the hydraulic control valve, forcing the brake fluid out of the reserve room back to the brake clamp cylinder, the wheel brake pressure increases, the wheel rotation slows down. Its hydraulic changes can be completed in a tenth of a second, that is, instant wheel brake repeatedly retractable, will not be locked.
Q:Motorcycle with ABS how to brake
Landlord said it should not ABS it
Q:Motorcycle brake problems?
Air or water interior the brake line might want to teach itself as a softness on the brake lever, requiring countless pumps previously the brakes paintings. Air (and to a lesser volume water) will compress while brake fluid, like each and every hydraulic fluids, does not compress. notwithstanding the indicators you describe look the different. in my view i might want to eliminate the caliper from the fork leg, take out the pads and positioned a timber lath of their position (to give up the pistons popping out thoroughly) and then pump out the pistons (use a G clamp to give up one if it strikes a lot less annoying than the different) – search for any airborne dirt and mud or gunge on the piston sides. i trust that that is your issue. If there is airborne dirt and mud you could sparkling the perimeters of the pistons (with seize and brake cleanser and a rag – no abrasives) for a non everlasting answer – ideally you should empty the device and take out the pistons and fully service the calipers – replace seals and bleed nipple, flush the device with methylated spirits to sparkling it and enable it dry. once think with reference to the brake fluid replaced you would possibly want to besides have this service achieved mutually. also research the lubrication on the draw close cylinder and lever – there could be a blob of grease and it makes a most suitable massive difference to the action of the lever. EDIT: btw the hot pads will take the time to mattress in, 50 odd miles, so is truly not as effective till then – and ensure the compound is actual for the bike, do not be tempted to apply “race” compounds as you'll by no potential get them warm sufficient to apply.
Q:motorcycle brake light wiring?
RECENTLY, both brake switches on my bike failed, New switches fixed it. The front switch is a micro switch, the rear is spring loaded, Both are EASY to replace. Go ahead and pay the cost difference at the dealer, I saved $4 on the switch and paid $7 shipping, and it took a week to arrive.
Q:whats wrong with my motorcycle brakes?
could be a lot of things, including dust or a small stone or pebble imbedded in the brake pad. All brake pads have wear lines in them. if the brakes are worn past the wear line then yes it is time to get new ones, if not, then you can find what is causing the noise, remove it, put some brake quiet on the caliper parts and ride on.
Q:How do I adjust a motorcycle brake and clutch handle?
The best way to adjust your brake and clutch free-play is to buy a factory service manual for your bike and follow the procedures for adjustment of the various cables. To bring the handles in closer to the grips, however, would probably require installation of aftermarket handles designed for that purpose. I don't know how much closer you can get, though, as the levers must be able to have enough travel from forward to rear (close to the grips) for complete actuation of the brake and clutch, so they can't be too close to the grip to start with, or you won't be able to get full travel. I do know that there are several V-Star forums operating, including at least one on Delphi, where you should be able to get a better answer to your question. I don't have any links or web adresses at hand; however, do a search for V-Star forums, and you will probably come up with several.
Q:Motorcycle riding technique: Braking in turns?
You are correct, every time you ride you will encounter some new situation. But the advice from the instructors is one to heed. If you over-brake in a corner you will be in trouble! Janice gave some good reasons and advice, as many did. Do not ride with the tip of your nose, ride with your eyes. 2-10 seconds is the minimum safe riding area you should be scanning constantly. Turns have blind areas, plus, obstacles: sand, gravel, metal, ect. These are some of the main reasons that you are told not to brake in corners. No matter how long or how skilled a rider is traction can be taken away at any moment, by a number of causes. It may take time to stand up your bike, but it will be able to stop faster(bigger tire footprint means more stopping power!) I took the MSF course after I had been riding for a time and I did it to save money on my insurance, but I have found traveling these ribbons of asphalt that the techniques and information passed along at these classes is time proven. Take everything they told you and apply it and you will probably ride for years without sudden impact, which is a very good thing indeed, Ride Safe and God Bless You-bty it will take sometime to understand motorcycles, but never stop respecting them!

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