Semi- Metal Brake Shoe                   

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50000 set/month
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Product Description:

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PJ1675

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Shoes




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Neutral Package, Color Box, Pallet,


Origin:Shandong, China

Production Capacity:1500000 PCS Per Month

Product Description

1). Material: Q235, Q345, 23k, 20k 

(2). Features: 
1. Stable Friction Coefficient 
2. Abrasion resistance 
3. Low noise and dustproof 
4. Environmental protection, green products 

(3). Certification: ISO9001: 2000, TS16949. 

(4)Our advantages: 
1. We can make brake shoe for Korean cars, Japanese cars, Europe cars and trucks 
2. Advanced Equipments and many year's experience of produce. 
3. More than 800 items 
4. We can supply the samples to customers and accept the trial order with small quantity 

(5). Usually neutral packing, we can also pack accoriding to customers' needs 

The price will be sent to you soon after receive your OEM no. FMSI no., FBK no., etc. 


Brake Shoe


ISO9001: 2008, TS16949


International Standard size

Apply to

Heavy trucks, Trailers, Buses

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)



Minimum Order Quantity

100 Piece/Pieces Trial Order


Qingdao Port, China

Packing Details


Delivery Time

30 days

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:Do all motorcycles have about the same braking ability.?
No they don't. They have the same problems with small brakes on the econo models as cars. Take the Dodge Grand Caravan that my wife drove during the children/car-seat years. Now those brakes sucked like nothing elese because the cheap A/H's at Dodge based the car on something that was much smaller and added weight to the chassis. It wore brake pads every 15 to 20K miles in town. Now I drive a german car and have put 40 to 50K miles on the car before they needed new pads. And the truck that I drive has 50K miles and is on the original set of pads. But back to the motorcycles, I have a heavy american bike and it have 8K miles on it and the rear pads have been replaced. Other high performance bike that I have owned and ridden for years have never burned thru a set of pads or shoes. 70% of braking is done with the front wheel.Proper sizing is the answer. Cheap low line models always have cheap brakes. I would sooner have a little less HP and better brakes.
Q:My motorcycles brake lights only come on when I use the rear brake. Is there a separate fuse for the front brakes? Thanks.?
Q:how do u change motorcycle brake fluid?
I can't tell you in just a few words how to do this correctly so my best advice would be to buy a service manual for your specific bike. You can get them at motorcycle shops, auto parts stores, or online. Your brakes are too important to just jump into it without knowing the correct procedures. It's really not hard but it needs to be done right.$10 or $20 spent on a Clymers or Haynes manual will be money well spent for this and other service your bike will need.
Q:Which motorcycle is better?
That sounds like a scam. If that's actually a law, California is the stupidest place in the world.
Q:How do I unlock motorcycle disk brake?
In addition to what Homer said, it could be an old brake hose swelled up, the master cylinder or even moisture in the brake cylinder that has frozen. Was the old fluid clean looking or very dark brown and dirty looking? If the latter, you can bet there's moisture in the system.
Q:whats a good motorcycle for a beginner??
Most cars now (including your Scion) have an airbox with a snorkel that draws in cold air. This is currently equipped on your car from the factory. An intake may look pretty when you pop the hood, but you will not get much as far as performance gains. If you get any gains it will be only when ambient air temperatures are close to equivalent to the outside air temperature. (meaning the engine bay is only as hot as the air outside the car) From there the performance will probably drop with a normally aspirated engine and aftermarket intake system. Where you CAN get performance and economy gains is with the FILTER itself. The material used in Aftermarket Performance Replacement filters allows for more air to be moved through at one time. I suggest a rechargeable filter like KN. These Drop in filters have material lightly saturated in a special oil that separates impurities from the air, but can also be cleaned, recharged, and reused for the life of most vehicles. Prices vary by model, but are generally between $30-$60. I would order directly from a KN dealer or at a local parts store to insure you are getting a quality part and not a knock-off. Very easy to change and you will feel the difference. Not necessarily in power, but in responsiveness. It also changes the engine and exhaust sound. Good luck! Have Fun!
Q:BRAKE LOCK What is the meaning of the brake lock on a motorcycle?
Is anti-lock braking system, commonly known as ABS. The role is in the brake, the automatic control of the size of the brake brake force, so that the wheel is not locked, in the edge of rolling (slip rate of about 20%) to ensure that the wheel and the ground adhesion at the maximum.
Q:Do i need to replace front motorocycle tire if i locked up the brakes?
No, as long as the tire looks and operates the way it should. I find it hard to believe that you skidded the front tire for 25 feet and didn't fall down!
Q:I want to get a motorcycle?
First of all don't bother !! Like the movie said, You'll shoot your eye out !! If you get one then you will only have 2 days of happiness !! the day you bought it and the day you sell it and get rid of it !!! And don't even think of repairing it!!! Not with your knowledge !! It will have to be repaired by a motorcycle shop and often !! You will not have any riding time because it will be in being fixed all the time ,so you won't be able to learn how to ride !!!! Sorry , but you can't have one !!!!!
Q:motorcycle downshift & stop?
It's better to downshift while slowing. Sounds to me like you need to stick to the cars. You can't do the brake and the clutch at the same time.

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