Brake Lining Auto Parts for TOYOTA      

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Product Description:

Description Of Brake Lining Auto Parts

1)We can supply all kinds of brake pad ; this model was designed  and developed as per clients' specifications and drawings or samples
2) We can currently offer over 800 moulds for different using models for Japanese, European, Korean and American brand cars and trucks with OEM services available 
3)These products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Japan
4)We assure that all the parts strictly meet the original equipment standards

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1) 3 sets per carton 2) 20' container: 1000 CTNS
Delivery Detail:15days

Specifications Of Brake Lining Auto Parts

1) Extremly lower noise
2) Little dust and long life
3) Stable friction coefficient
4) High quaility with guarantee


Brake lining


Semi-metallic or non-asbestor






Black or up to you






40,000 kms  


carton package

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

30 days after order confirmation


Main Features Of Brake Lining Auto Parts

1)Stable Friction Coefficient

2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C

3)abrasion resistance

4)Long Service life:FF grade 35000~40000km

5)Low noise and dustproof

6)Environmental protection,green products


 Brake Lining Auto Parts Images

Brake Lining Auto Parts for TOYOTA      

Brake Lining Auto Parts for TOYOTA      



1. Do you supply free samples for customers?

Yes,we will supply free samples for you.Please send your address for us.

2. How Many years experience do you have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

3. How long do we usually reply your request?

We always reply our customer within 24 hours.

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Q:I have a 2009 SUZUKI GS500F. i want to protect my bike in my home and school.
You have the usual options of locks and chains + I think that LoJack is now avail for bikescheck with them to be boils down to - if someone wants to steal something, no matter what it is, they will do so
Q:I want to learn to ride a motorcycle. I know all the technicalities of CBTs and all that stuff, but want to know more about actually learning.I definitely want a 125 rather than 50 as I really can‘t bear the idea of getting to work at 30mph. Due to a chav culture in the area I really don‘t want a moped style, but would be open to a vespa style. My preference is for one that is more like a cruiser.however; I am not sure as to how difficult it will be to learn a manual bike, so feel I may be limited to an automatic scooter. So I want to know how hard it is to learn manual - bearing in mind I have been driving a manual car for 7 years.The other thing I want to know is: what is the best way to reduce the insurance cost? I realise that not having a full licence I will struggle to get it very cheap, but feel there must be something I can do to bring it down from the ?350 for fully comp mark.Thanks.
CBT and pounds say British. In USA we have Motorcycle Safety Classes that will lower the Insurance premiums. Many entire classes run over 1 weekend, enuf to qualify as PASSING the test. Manual shifting is fairly easy, your hand now does the clutch and your foot the shifting, the interface is the same, shifting does not go thru gates but simply 1 up or down at a time. CRUISERS have lower seat heights and lean back, Standards sit up straighter, Sports lean forward, their 1 shock absorber makes them sit higher. Scooters usually have a small carrying capacity that bikes don't as standard. Big enuf for a purse and pair of shoes.
Q:What sound do motorcycle brakes make when they lock?
Always give year, make, engine size and model # when asking questions. We need all of that info to give an informed answer. Newer sport bikes have floating calipers. When the brakes are locked, occasionally they shift to their stops and clank against the swing arm. Drum brakes, the shoes aren't mounted firmly so they can move when the brakes are applied. As the bike gets older, the moving parts ware out and can clank when taking up the slack of loose parts. Inspect all moving parts for ware.
Q:Motorcycle ran just fine until it tipped over on the right side. It didnt hit too hard but hard enough to bend the rear brake pedal. Now when I try to start it it tries to crank then starts a clicking type sound then nothing but I can still hear the gas trying to move through the bike. Anyone know what this problem could be? It is a 1981 gs450.
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Q:I am getting a 03 Chevy Cavalier with warped rotors, and am wondering what it will cost to get this has 130,000miles and this is the main thing that needs repair.
Q:I am looking to buy a motorcycle soon and ive heard that a bike being dropped is bad, but that is all i know. I was wondering what could happen if the bike is dropped.
It's sometimes hard to tell if a bike has been dropped, especially if the previous owner replaced any broken or scuffed pieces, and made some rudimentary repairs to straighten any minor damage. Once you have a bike, and are used to the way it feels, then it is obvious if you drop it and bend a handlebar or anything, but unless you have ridden something very similar to the bike you are looking at, then it can be hard to tell what it is supposed to feel like, but you can sometimes Obviously look for damage, sometimes minor damage doesn't automatically indicate that the bike was dropped, since you can whack turn signals or mirrors on cars, garage doors, etc., but mainly look at the handlebars, forks, wheels, -- make sure they look straight, and if you take if for a test ride, make sure it doesn't pull to one side or wobble excessively (usually try to take it up to a decent speed to be sure). Sometimes worn tires will give it uneven feel, make sure to check the tire pressure as some bikes sit for extended periods of time during the winter. It's always a crap-shoot buying something used, but if you do a little research, maybe test ride a few similar bikes, you can find what works best for you at the same time as trying to find a good deal.
Q:I have a 1981 Honda GL 500 it has a single disc front brake and a drum brake in the rear,the rear brake works just fine but the disc brake in the front seems very weak. the lever feels firm but even if i squeeze it as hard as i can it only applys so much braking power,its not enough to stop the bike in any reasonable time. does this sound like a master cylinder issue? it isn‘t a soft feeling brake if anything it feels too firm,there is brake fluid in the reservoir, i am pretty certain that this bikes braking ability should be better then this what does this sound like to you? what should i check or adjust?
You're right, it should brake better than that. It's likely that it's a problem with the master cylinder, but it could be something else unexpected. Replace the master cylinder first.
Q:Guys i recently gave my motorcycle to fit the hella single horn. Horn is working fine. But after i came back from the autoelectrician I found the front brake one of the two front brake cables was cutoff It is missing. Old horn was not giving sound and it was an old one. So i asked them to fit a relay. They have done that. The cable in the front brake lever was some kind of tube which was going to the cowling. How can i replace this cable. I wonder if they have changed the connection for fiting the relay for the horn. or did they deactivate the front brake switch alone. for the horn relay. I dont know what to do Please help me I want the front brake to show the stop light when applied?
take it back they will fix it for free as it was working when you took it in after the work its not , they should not disconnect anything to fit a relay they would just add wires,
Q:I saw that when coming to a stop its good to use the front brake a little bit then the rear brake.I never seem to use the front brakes though, how about you?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How often do you use your Front Brakes on your Motorcycle? I saw that when coming to a stop its good to use the front brake a little bit then the rear brake. I never seem to use the front brakes though, how about you?
Q:A motorcycle and rider have a total mass equal to 300 kg. The rider applies the brakes, causing the motorcycle to accelerate at a rate of -5 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the net force on the motorcycle? ______N
With one of these cgi.OKorder .uk/CIRCULAR-TILE-CUTT.

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