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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
Delivery Detail:30days after receive deposit payment.


Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:Brake piston pushed too far out?
Banging it with a hammer?? How the hell did you get a hammer in between the pads to bang on it? If the piston has been fully pushed out of the caliper, it should still slip right back into it - unless the seals are jacked upyou know - from getting BANGED ON with a hammer!
Q:I need a source for motorcycle/scooter parts to complete a 300mpg vehicle design.?
Jeff, For your prototype vehicle, just use parts from a motorcycle wrecking yard. You'll save money and not be out as much in the long run. Some of the current touring fairings are about as aerodynamic as you can get If you plan to run two front wheels, a hydraulic braking system will be lighter and easier to build, not to mention you can incorporate all brakes into a single hydraulic foot operated unit. Be sure to use double flares on steel lines for safety.
Q:Motorcycle Repair need help ASAP?
the idle is set too low. Adjust it at the carburator/throttle assembly, or take it to a dealer/mechanic/mechanically inclined individual
Q:whats a good motorcycle for a beginner??
Most cars now (including your Scion) have an airbox with a snorkel that draws in cold air. This is currently equipped on your car from the factory. An intake may look pretty when you pop the hood, but you will not get much as far as performance gains. If you get any gains it will be only when ambient air temperatures are close to equivalent to the outside air temperature. (meaning the engine bay is only as hot as the air outside the car) From there the performance will probably drop with a normally aspirated engine and aftermarket intake system. Where you CAN get performance and economy gains is with the FILTER itself. The material used in Aftermarket Performance Replacement filters allows for more air to be moved through at one time. I suggest a rechargeable filter like KN. These Drop in filters have material lightly saturated in a special oil that separates impurities from the air, but can also be cleaned, recharged, and reused for the life of most vehicles. Prices vary by model, but are generally between $30-$60. I would order directly from a KN dealer or at a local parts store to insure you are getting a quality part and not a knock-off. Very easy to change and you will feel the difference. Not necessarily in power, but in responsiveness. It also changes the engine and exhaust sound. Good luck! Have Fun!
Q:Motorcycle maximum configuration
Want to buy a motorcycle, do not know how to see? What is the main configuration? That is what kind of configuration performance is good, in detail1, or look at the brand, 2, see the brand configuration, first of all you have to clear what Accessories are good, 3, to understand the performance of several major motorcycle parts, such as: engine, shock, frame, tires, muffler, instrumentation, to understand these basic buy the car will not be bad where to go. 4, the brake system can not be generalized, disc brakes with drums have their own advantages, the brake system should not be included in the purchase of motorcycle configuration inside.
Q:Motorcycle Front brake handle isnt setting brake light off.?
Motorcycle Brake Light Switch
Q:When should i change Front Disc brake pads for bike/A two wheeler Motorcycle? Specifically honda unicorn?
Trailer Tires At Walmart
Q:What are the basic maintenances for a motorcycle?
daily, chain tension condition, oil levle, lights, brake feel weekly trye pressure, lube chain, check brakes monthly (depending on mileage covered) oil change, service, tuneup . Get a Haymes manual for your bike - it will tell you what how often.
Q:Which Japanese motorcycle models have linked brakes with ABS?
Linked brakes and ABS together are very rare on motorcycles, as both systems are expensive to implement. As a result, they are not found on budget machines like the V-Strom, Versys or CB-500X at all. You will really only find both systems on high-end machines. (Honda currently offers 44 models over 125cc in the U.K. - just 5 models have both ABS and linked brakes)
Q:Motorcycle Front Brake too tight!?
Probably needs a caliper rebuild. Gunk builds up under the O-ring and squeezes against the piston, preventing the piston from retracting.

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