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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
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Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:I‘m looking into buying a bike (first one) and I‘m interested in this feature. I‘ve noticed that most bikes (in my range) don‘t have ABS. I‘m currently looking into getting a 2009-2010 Yamaha FZ6R or anything comparable. I haven‘t looked into Suzuki much, Honda don‘t have anything like the FZ6R. The Ninja 650R.I just don‘t want one, I‘ve seen too many ninja‘s craigslist. I‘m looking to keep my bike, perhaps forever, which ever one I decide on getting.
you dont need abs on the bike man, i currently own a 2009 yamaha fz6r and i love it, it has great breaking. you just need to know how to brake properly and the bike will slow down and stop very fast, i would look into the fz6r more its an awesome bike!
Q:what are the best products for motorcycle maintenance ( e.g. lubricants, brake fluids, etc) ?
Like Tamarack said, follow the manual, ast least with regard to the specifications of each lube or fluid (examples -- API service grade for motor oil, GL-number for hypoid lube, DOT number for brake fluid). You may be able to use a different (better) grade for each material but you also risk major incompatibilites if you don't know what you're doing (e.g. wrong brake fluid will mess up your whole system). Hard to have brand loyalty for fluids because no one manufacturer makes them all. The only thing I'd say about brands is the manufacturers sell stuff under their own name for too much $$ but if you match their grade requirements they cannot refuse warranty claims because of it.
Q:So I really want a motorcycle, but I don‘t even have my license yet. I‘ll probably take a course sometime within the year, but I don‘t want to just get it and not have a bike afterwards. All the good bikes are to expensive, especially for a beginner. Plus I‘m in college, don‘t really have the money and my parents are against me riding a motorcycle.So basically, my question is: where is the best place to look for a used motorcycle? I like the cruisers and I want something under $5,000, ideally.
What do you mean nothing good under $5000? Where I live, I can buy a Shadow phantom for just over that. It is best not to have a new bike for your first one, an older one is better because you won't care if it is dropped or the clutch goes bad quickly. Its like when you first get a car, do you start with a ferrari or a cheap used car, so that if something happens it isn't that bad? Look on craigslist and cycletrader and type 5000 in the max box and see what comes up.
Q:Can you just hold in the clutch and brake, then downshift all the gears when your motorcycle stop?
Yes you can, and I do this quite often. When I first learned to ride a motorcycle I learned the proper way of downshifting to a stop. I suggest you learn to downshift so that you are able to slow down safely while descending steep hills. If you are on level ground in traffic, it is often better to hold the clutch and brake and save the wear and tear on your transmission. After all, brake pads are cheap, and transmissions are expensive. Use good judgement and always ease the clutch out slowly when shifting to keep even traction on the back wheel.
Q:I am getting a 03 Chevy Cavalier with warped rotors, and am wondering what it will cost to get this has 130,000miles and this is the main thing that needs repair.
Q:Approximately 3 weeks ago I brought my motorcycle to a repair shop because the front brakes were locking up They informed me that the bike was fixed and could be picked up. I jumped on the bike and rode off. Before I even reached 500 ft the brakes locked up again and threw me off the bike at 50 mph causing severe road rash along my entire body and fractures in my foot. My question is: is the repair shop liable for all costs involved, i.e medical costs, repair of the bike, pain and suffering? Here are some random facts:The bike is relatively new with 1200 miles on itI never signed anything waiving my rights for the repairsThis was a reoccurring problem with the brakes. The purchase order even said The front brakes are locking up. FIX THEM The weather conditions were sunny with no rain and I did not even touch the brakes before they locked up. There was a gentleman on the scene that picked up the bike and informed me that the front brakes were still locked into place/
hi mate if it was my bike and did and the shop did not repair your bike brakes properly i would take it back to them and ask what is going on. And i would ASK for my money back or ask to speak to the boss and ask what the hell is going on this shop. that is it relly mate please vote me as your best anwer
Q:110 of the motorcycle today's friction piece of the screw loose do not know inside the screw should be outside or inside
friction plate injustice, or has been grinding no - to adjust, or for!
Q:How does it feel like to ride your motorcycle without a front brake. I heard some bike builders ride with no front brakes to give them a more adrenaline pumping feeling and that it feels like they are riding on a hand grenade. But I heard from others that its not so safe. What are your opinions about riding with no front brake, is it more fun riding without one or not worth it? Thanks.
Not having a front brake, has nothing to do with thrills, It has to do with weight and looks. You don't need a front brake, to stop a bike safely. Heck, the front brakes are dangerous. A motorcycle is not a car, cars use 70% of brake force on the front, not motorcycles. Thankfully a motorcycle does not, transfer that much weight during braking. Depending on the type of motorcycle you ride, very little weight can transfer. A raked out chopper with transfer almost no weight at all, while a sport bike will transfer 70%. On a chopper not having a front brake, is safer than having one. If your front tire locks up, you will go down. Depending on the bike, you can have as little as 20% of a bikes weight on the front. That means if you even think about using a front brake, you will lock up the front tire and crash. On my 1995 Harley Road King, I have only had to change my front brake pads twice. My rear brake pads have been changed 7 times. I have just over 240,000 miles on the bike. I also had a 1974 chopped Spotster, with no front brake. Never once, got an extra thrill over it.
Q:What type of brake fluid do most cars use, 3 or 4?
Q:If the surface of the road has a coefficient of kinetic friction of .30, how far does the motorcycle skid
In reality a motorbike behaves very differently depending on so many factors. tyres and their condition, brakes, ABS and rider position (experience, reactions etc.) and once the bike bucks or turns and flips or slides on its side,,, where the rider is also makes a difference. You gave a friction figure so I have not talked about the road surface, rain, oil, loose, mud, potholes etc. Your answer should really be something like a piece of string.

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