Brake pad Wva29100 OEM for cars bus OEM 

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100 set
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50000 set/month
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Product Description:

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29125


Type:Brake Pads



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Box, Carton, Pallet

Standard:TS16949, ISO


HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:10000sets/ Per Month

Product Description

Fh12 Fh16 FM9 FM12 Fl6 Brake Pads WVA29125 for Volvo
1). Material: Semimetal, ceramics, asbestos free
2). Delivery time: 15-25 days
3). Stable coefficient friction
4). Less noise, no dust
5). Pass ISO and TS16949 certificate
6). Small wear rate and dual wear
7). Good performance of heat
8). MOQ: 100 sets
9). Packing: Box+carton+pallet







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Q:I am new to the whole motorcycle thing and I think the brake fluid is starting to look dirty. My uncle told me that he uses a turkey baster and sucks it out of the resiovor on the handle bar but I do not know if that is correct or not. Any help would be appreciated.
that does nothing but put new fluid in the reservoir. The correct way is to bleed the system replacing all the fluid. The other is just a waste.
Q:I understand the basic frame and two wheel concept, but what about steering and turning and so forth. I will of course take lessons, but I would like to know if I already have ANY basic skills needed to ride a motorcycle.
I think in the UK you are required to have ridden a bicycle for at least a year to get your L licence (or something like that, idk, ima yank) So in general, the bicycle still uses the same counter-steering method at higher speed, just like a motorcycle. And of course you have to know how to balance it, just like a motorcycle. Though motorcycles will average 280 - 450 pounds, so it is harder to control in some situations, and some others it's easier. So again in *general* it's kind of the same. But i wouldn't rely solely on your bike skills when you hop on a 160hp beast. Take that test!
Q:I have a 1981 Honda GL 500 it has a single disc front brake and a drum brake in the rear,the rear brake works just fine but the disc brake in the front seems very weak. the lever feels firm but even if i squeeze it as hard as i can it only applys so much braking power,its not enough to stop the bike in any reasonable time. does this sound like a master cylinder issue? it isn‘t a soft feeling brake if anything it feels too firm,there is brake fluid in the reservoir, i am pretty certain that this bikes braking ability should be better then this what does this sound like to you? what should i check or adjust?
Q:what things should look for in when looking to buy a motorcycle?
go for comfort, reliability, fuel capacity and most important something U want and not something somebody else thinks what u need. looking to buy is a difficult process. look at your options and way the pros and cons on each bike and make your choice from there.
Q:I‘m trying to replace the rear disc brakes on my 2009 sonata. I picked up a set from autozone, and they are the wrong ones. Brought the old ones in to autozone, and we checked the 2005-2010 pads referenced in the system and none looked like whats actually on the car. Tried every engine/year combo in the system. WTF? Does anyone know if they used different calipers from a different model for some cars in ‘09? I really need to replace these things, but don‘t know what the heck I‘m supposed to put in there. And the dealer is closed, it‘s Sunday
That's a shame. I learned a long time ago to never start a car repair job when the parts and tools stores are closed. You may pay a little more at the dealer but I also learned to believe the manufacturer knew what they were doing when the made the original parts.
Q:How is the motorcycle brakes?
Front brake the most important, you can observe, the front brake system is better than the rear brake, front with a disc brake behind the drum brake, large displacement car before and after the brake Billy even larger, in front of two large diameter brake disc , Six-piston calipers, and the rear brake only has a small diameter brake disc, a caliper.
Q:A motorcycle is moving at 34 m/s when the rider applies the brakes, giving the motorcycle a constant deceleration. During the 4.0 s interval immediately after braking begins, the speed decreases to 12 m/s. What distance does the motorcycle travel from the instant braking begins until it comes to rest?
Ok first, we must find the acceleration of the motorcycle. Vf Vi + at 12 34 + a(4) -22 4a -5.5 m/s? a Then, we can find the distance of the motorcycle for we now know the acceleration of the motorcycle. (Vf)? (Vi)? + 2ad Vi 12 m/s Vf 0 [since the motorcycle comes to rest] (0)? (12)? + 2(-5.5)d Solving for d. d 13 1/11 meters Then the distance covered from 34 m/s to 12 m/s is d (Vi + Vf)/2 x t d (34 + 12)/2 x 4 d 92 m 13 1/11 + 92 105 1/11 meters Total distance covered!
Q:I have just bought a new motorcycle (Honda CBR 150R). I want to know what thing I have to do for care my motorcycle in the good way?Such as changing oil, ???Many thanks for answering.Best Regards!!!
Oil change, spark plugs, brake pads, tires, chain and sprocket replacement (if its chain), battery, brake fluids, hoses, and air filter. Or you could buy the manual as another answered stated.
Q:just tips to know if my motorcycle brakes is still in good condition
you will know when they are no good......its called lack of brakes
Q:I'm new to motorcycles, and don't know a lot. I've always been a fan and I am finally buying my first one, but I don't have anybody to teach me a lot of the basics. I just recently got the basics of gear shifting up and down, but I don't know how to go from say fifth to first or fourth second , if I need to rapidly slow down or make an extreme stop.I understand that neutral is right after first, can I jump from 1st past neutral to 2nd.I also would like to know the rpm range I should be in for the different gears 1st 2nd 3rd etc.Plus a side question. When I go to one of these schools to get my endorsement, do I have to bring my own bike? or do they usually provide one? meaning do I have to trailer my bike there?I know it's a lot to take in, but this is coming from a person who has very little experience, so helpful answers would be greatly appreciated.
you can jump to anywhere in the gearbox in no paritcular order you can go up and down gears in two or whatever BUT if in doubt go up a gear as for instance going from 5 to 1st without slowing down is going to lock your back wheel as your bike tries to go several thousand revs over the redline (which it will eventually resist) and then it will try to throw you off Also 1st is a hard gear to drop into - it is so low - try and stay in second and then stop and drop to first after. try to go around gears in second too resist dropping into first.

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