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1)Stable Friction Coefficient


2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C


3)abrasion resistance


4)Long Service life:FF grade 3.5~4km


5)Low noise and dustproof


6)Environmental protection,green products




Other Specifications:


Brake lining


Semi-metallic or  non asbestos  or others 


19486 19487 19488 19630 19384 19935 19032 19094 19036 19037 19369 19370 4702 4707 4515 4311 4704 4644 4705 4664 4698 P2800F P2800B MB187 MB/186 and more.




Black or up to you



Noise/ useful life

None/ useful life long

Supply Ability



carton package 

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USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

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40 days after order confirmation



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Q:Why is the motorcycle before and after the brake control?
Together with the control that would not work, such as when you turn around with the brake when it is easy to fall, the motorcycle is not like the car has four wheel stability is better, so the motorcycle should be separated before and after the brake is the truth
Q:Motorcycle brake system
Drum brake pure machinery
Q:The world's first motorcycle.
1885 spring, Germany's Gottlieb Daimler and his assistant Maybach after years of research and testing, and finally made a two-stroke vertical single-cylinder, gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine. Volume 264CC, 600 rpm to reach 0.5 horsepower maximum power. They put the engine in the oak for the frame of the bike, the world's first motorcycle also was born. For Daimler and Maybach, driving a motorcycle is not an end, the most important thing is to test the performance of internal combustion engines and to be improved.
Q:Buy those smuggling large displacement motorcycles. How about inspection?
Since the big displacement will go to their own do not like to get a small displacement of thousands of cars and very few smuggling of domestic locomotives are second-hand want to smuggle locomotives Oh you see how much money
Q:Do motorcycle, battery car brake system rocker, rocker shaft manufacturers which
Enterprises in the "quality first, the customer first, integrity integrity, dedication of society," the purpose and principles, to provide customers with the best support and services for each customer is highly responsible for the development of market potential products, according to customer demand Changes in the development of science and technology, and constantly improve the coordination of their own technology and production in order to provide customers with more satisfied with the service. With the majority of customers work together to create a better future.
Q:How to repair the motorcycle after the brake is not so good, with sandpaper polished several times friends
You go to the soft point of the brake pads, to be able to pinch the move can be, are generally the color
Q:Motorcycle brake/shifting question?
No it will not cause any harm to the bike, as long as you keep it upright on the rubber. When you you get an unexpected red, WHY was it unexpected? Had you been watching it green for several seconds, and it suddenly changed to blue or purple or some odd color? Maybe you need to slow down at intersections? If you get an unexpected color tomorrow just grab the clutch lever and lean on the brakes! You may be able to downshift a couple of gears, but be careful you don't cause the rear tire to lock up and low side your bike at the light. Didn't they tell you how to do that in your Basic Riders Course?
Q:Motorcycles, which brake to use?
When it comes to braking power, old front engined, rear wheel drive drum brake cars were usually approximately 75% front, 25% rear. Front engined, front wheel drive cars are more like 80-20 (that's why you don't want to swap proportioning valves between the two. Most bikes with front discs are more like 90-10. When was the last time you saw someone do a stoppie with an old drum braked bike? Scooter made some good points, but telling you to apply both brakes evenly is wrong (sorry scooter). How much brake you use at either end depends upon the particular braking situation. Often times, in low speed braking like in town I use the front brake only. On a gravel road I may use the rear brake only and never touch the front. Compared to a moderate stop, in hard braking I use more front that rear and the harder the stop, the more front/less rear. People who use too little front and too much rear brake go through rear brake pads sooner than front pads. If you're braking correctly, you will normally wear out the fronts sooner than the rear, even with double discs. People who don't use enough front brake also take much farther to stop than they should, increasing their chances or rear ending someone or running off the road. One suggestion, don't use much brake when cornering hard. You're already using much of the available traction the tires have and you don't want to add even more load. Also, find a clean deserted parking lot and practice braking, especially the front. Going slowly, grab a handful of front brake and make the front tire bark or even lock up. Going slowly, you'll be able to catch yourself and not dump the bike. Keep increasing your speed and learn to make the front tire howl but not lock up. Then worry about using the rear brake in conjunction with the front.
Q:Motorcycle brake pads?
Slashcan is complicated altering the fluid with bleeding. Two distinct things. Altering the fluid is listed as a carrier object, and desires to be done to hold fluid first-class, and hence its effectiveness. That is exceptional to the possibility of potentially allowing air to enter - which you could have carried out. You say you opened the screws on the grasp cylinder. Do you imply the screws on the brake callipers, or a screw on the handlebar end. The cylinder on the control bars is the grasp cylinder, as this feeds pressure to the calliper, or slave cylinders. Bleed screws on a motorcycle master cylinder are moderately infrequent. It's possible to introduce air into the hydraulics for those who use this incorrectly. Assuming you opened the bleed screws on the brake callipers, then you might have allowed air to enter in the event you released the brake lever at the same time the screw was open. This is given that the pistons may just transfer back as stress is launched - drawing in air if the screw was nonetheless open. If that is at all viable then you definitely will have to bleed the brakes. If you happen to do not then the brakes may just undergo serious fading if wanted urgently.
Q:On the mountain bike brake system, please master help ...
Disc brake and v brake, are the braking system, but the main difference is that the price ~ and the use of civilian rarely see the disc brake, the general V brake is very common, there are hanging brake It is only heard ~

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