Truck Brake Lining 19094 OEM                 

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Product Description:

  • Size: 90x 9.6 x360

  • Car Make: KATO

  • OE NO.: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: hi-best

  • Model Number: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • color: black/brown/yellow/green

  • PC: 4

  • rivets: L7.5

  • holes: 12

  • slot: yes

  • chamfer: yes

  • grade: GG/FF

  • test: chase

  • label: according to requirement

  • noise: none

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:cartons,pallet
    Delivery Detail:25 days




     bus brake lining                                   

    1.high quality&good yutong bus brake lining  
    2.material:asbestos&non asbestos
    3.400 kinds for truck,trailer,bus,etc
    4:chase test  



    • light & heavy duty brake lining  

    • Very efficient when braking and low wearing, minimum loss of efficiency on wet surface.

    • Low wear of the rotors.

    • powerful and progressive brake that doesn't fade.

    • Low lost of efficiency on wet conditions. Low to no-noise.

    • Smooth on rotors, very effective for high line tourisms.

    • Produced f or both axels, it can  be applied on the rear axel on competition vehicles of front wheel drive








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Q:What is the best brake pads on the market for a zx12 motorcycle it does not stop fast enough?
There is a bit of a cultural difference here. I'm Canadian, and to me a motorcycle is any size, and has a manual transmission. There are foot controls for the rear brake and the gearshift. You straddle it. A scooter has a flat floor, usually no foot controls, and no manual gear-changing. The two are designed for entirely different purposes. I drive a scooter in Taiwan. The cargo capacity is phenomenal, and it is legal to pass on the right, park on the sidewalk, make u-turns in the middle of the road, and all kinds of things like that. For driving in the city, a scooter is much more useful. I enjoy mine a lot, and I can still do 100 km/h with a passenger on the highway. Not bad for a 1215 cc! A motorbike is a loose term that can describe either a motorcycle or a scooter. A moped is a power-assisted bicycle. I don't know what a scooties are, but I expect your doctor could give you a lotion to put on them.
Q:Ok so Im looking to buy a motorcycle. Im 16 ill be 17 in 4 months. Im taking tests on the net to help me so ill be ready for a bike at 18. I want to get a motorcycle because they have more benefits than a car like they get better gas mileage and theyre cheaper than buying a car and because I think theyre cool. I have a few questions about buying them and all. 1) Do you have to have a drivers licence before you can drive a motorcycle? 2) How old do you have to be in NYS to own a motorcycle? 3) when they put you through the course to learn how to drive it what are the obsticles like? 4) Is motorcycle insurance cheaper than car insurance? Thats all the questions I have know but ill probably think of more to ask :) Thanks for any answers :)
1. In N.Y.S. you need a motorcycle license. 2. You can 'own' at any age. You can 'drive at 18, (16 in some rural areas under 'learner' limits). 3. It's a standard driving test with 'skill' portions, (slow circles and figure 8s), in a limted space aded. 4. Liability insurance is still pretty high if the bike can carry a passenger. General. * Yeah, they're pretty 'cool' all right, 'specially when you get caught a long way from home in bad weather. * They lose a lot of 'cool' when you're reminded that there's only a layer of denim between your butt and a whole lot of hard, uncompromising, high speed, reality. * They don't get mileage all that better than the new more efficient cars.(35 MPG in cruise)
Q:a guy was riding his motorcycle when the van in front of him slammed on his brakes and stopped the buy on the bike hit him and flew over the top of the van and landed on the antena and it went right threw him. well when he got to the er the dr. said it was the worst case of VANarial disease he ever saw.
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Q:I need -cheap -front brake pads for a 1976 cb 550 honda motorcycle, any leads?
honda dealer or just type into search box 1976 cb 550 honda brake pads 1976 cb 550 honda parts really most wil be pretty much same price about 40 bucks
Q:Electric Motorcycle restriction questions?
i think of you may desire to strike the notice scooter out of your wording on an identical time as you're thinking approximately this. in accordance to the Minnesota handbook it form of feels notably sparkling. After a speedy overview of Minnesota's regulation, it looks like something over 50cc is assessed as a motorbike and something 50cc and under is a motorized bicycle (Moped.) Scooters are the failings that have tiny autos and you stand on on an identical time as you trip. Please examine the link under. trip secure.
Q:When downshifting on a motorcycle is it possible to put in neutral to save on the extra wear and tear of the gears rather than go down each gear according to your speed? I mean like when I‘m driving my car instead of downshifting from say 5th to 4th gear I put it in neutral and just put it in whatever gear I need when I know what speed I‘m gonna be doing at that moment like say 3rd gear or what not. Plus when first riding a motorcycle what‘s the hardest thing to learn to do when riding one? Like say a deer jumps out in front of you when your riding. How do you keep from flying over your handle bars if you gotta come to a abrupt stop? Thanks in advance for all who answer.
Motorcycles aren't Dangerous. They don't jump out and bite you, like a snake! Accident rates are Much lower than cars. Who told you this is full of it. It's just that, when a bike Does get into an accident, there is much greater % of severe injury or death. It is usually the idiot cage drivers that hit the bike. A good motosicklist is very defensive, slightly paranoid or they don't ride long. That's why so many nice bikes are for sale with few miles, people chicken out. You have to pretend you are the invisible man. Signal, Sure, but don't expect that idiot cage driver to notice, Or Care. Cars Do See motorcycles. To say they didn't see you is a Lie. They don't take notice, like a Mac Truck. Get a loud horn and loud pipes. People hear a truck horn, they Stop. No, only in the first rain is weather a problem. After oil has washed off, they grip the pavement even Better. A real high wind and a light bike will; be a problem, of course. But, I've been in a 2009 Hyundai and almost sucked off the road by trucks or wind thru the pass at Texas Canyon. And, they weigh 2000 lbs!
Q:Harleys are classic, of course!
I am a trauma nurse. I do not have a favorite motorcycle. I would like them outlawed and would also like automobiles to be rigged with something that you had to blow into before you could start your engine to test if you were under the influence. . . . . .I pity the fool who drives drunk and harms one of my children. Involuntary man slaughter is NOT an option when it comes to drunk driving. They should go to prison for life. End of sermon. BTW. I am not the thumbs down person. Everyone can have their own opinion and as long as it is not going to hurt anyone else they should be allowed to have it.
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