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Is the truck crane a special equipment?
Whether it is a special equipment, first of all to see whether the following two characteristics:
What is the quota for a car crane (25T)?
Generally is not a separate set of purpose, including the need to lift the sub-head, such as sets of vertical shipping and some sub-head, which contains the lifting machine platen costs.
What is the process of handling the truck crane?
1, after the purchase of vehicles, please with the sales staff, to B District 20 to do, for vehicle valuation.
Is the truck crane limited by the yellow mark?
Yellow standard car refers to the environmental protection department issued to the yellow environmental protection signs of the passenger car.
What are the daily maintenance of the truck crane?
Purchasing the Ministry of Commerce Organize the process, the equipment management department and the equipment manufacturer or agent to sign the "purchase order" (key and important equipment before the purchase order should be approved by the general manager), the purchase order should specify the specifications of the equipment to be purchased, the basic
What are the main categories of mobile cranes?
Compared with the first two cranes, in addition to walking part of the track with tires, the rest of the working principle of the same.
What is the principle and purpose of the rotary joint of the truck crane center?
There is no hydraulic principle, is a simple principle of mechanical work!
What are the characteristics of the development of car cranes abroad?
The use of remote control not only save manpower, improve work efficiency, but also to improve the working conditions of the operator.