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Truck ModelZZ1257N4647W
Dimension (L×W × H) (unloaded) (mm)10350×2496×3710
Dimension (L×W × H) (inside) (mm)7000×2326×800
Crane TypeStraight boom crane
Lifting Capacity of Crane (kg)10000
Approach angle/ Departure angle (°)16/9
Overhang (front/rear) (mm)1500/3295
Wheel Base (mm)5825+1350
Max Driving Speed (km/h)90
Curb Weight (kg)15300
Rated Load Capacity (kg)9570
Engine (Steyr technology, made in China)ModelWD615.69, water-cooled, four strokes, 6 cylinders in line with water cooling, turbocharged and intercooling, directly injection
Fuel TypeDiesel
Max. Power (kW/rpm)336HP
EmissionEURO 2
Oil Tank Capacity (L)300
GearboxModelHW15710, 10 forward gear, 2 reverse gear
Braking SystemService BrakingDual-circuit pneumatic braking
Parking BrakingSpring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Steering SystemModelZF8098 right-mounted
Front AxleHF7 drum, Steering with double T-cross section beam
Rear AxleHW1697, pressed axle housing, central double reduction with differential locks between axles and wheels
Tire Specification12.00 steel-wire tire
Electrical SystemBattery2X12V/165Ah
CabHOWO 76 single-sleeper cab, 55º tilting to the front, 3-speed windshield wiper, laminated windshield glass, hydraulic damping-adjustable driver seat, rigidity-adjustable passenger seat, heating and ventilation systems, sun visor, stereo radio/cassette recorder, safety belts and adjustable steering wheel, air horn, four-point full-floating suspension and damping device, with air conditioner.

Q:Engineering engines use those engines as power!
A diesel engine used on construction machinery.. What brands do you have?.. For example: working with deutz. Steyr。。 Other summer jobs. Liugong. Temporary workers. What engine do you use?
Q:I hadn't had any back up or otherwise
please be more specific with machinery crash... are you talking about problems with your computer?? or something else?? if it is a computer... there are ways to get data back... 1) data recovery if the hard drive has been formatted 2) slave the hard drive to another computer, if not formatted and move the data to an external hard drive...
Q:i'm trying to record my band's demos onto a cassette recorder/mixer, and then get them onto cds. is there a piece of machinery that can transfer an audio tape onto a cd?
You okorder /
We are professional industrial Grinding Mill which is fit for stone, and the our equipment is not fir for grinding salt.
Q:I just would like to see the most imaginative painting of the future. Please don't give me answers like they will conquer the whole of Thailand,etc. I would like to see unpredictable answers. Thanks.
They will be supplied by outside interests that will furnish,fund and research them to their ultimate destiny!
Q:how have you seen the heavy machinery industry change over the last years, and how do you think it'll change in the next 10 years?, specifically with respect to concrete mixers and asphalt production. in U.S. and other countries.
I just got out of that line of work... grade construction, actually. The biggest thing I've noticed... you remember all the immigrants who came over here and started work as laborers or doing the dirty work? Well those guys pretty much run all the machines now. I'm not trying to sound racist, but the problem there is that they're willing to work for far less money than a lifelong U.S. citizen. That makes companies not want to hire as many of us. Why would they? They're saving money.
Q:Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute?
The company has four subsidiary companies: Tiangong, central China, complete sets, the heyday, Tiangong and Tiangong works. The main functions of the subsidiaries are: Tiangong is responsible for industry services, product research and development and technical services; the whole set is responsible for exhibition, import and export trade and project contracting
Q:I have a few questions about this. I have 13 years experience driving all kinds of things. I use backhoe, front end loader, forklift and large trucks with trailers.Is there a demand for people with my skills in Denmark?How much money could I expect to make?Do any of the vehicles I use require a special license in Denmark?
I wonder why you don't check this and instead keep issuing questions on Yahoo answers for which you are likely to get incorrect info In less than a minute on google I could find the official immigration dept site in Denmark and the page on skilled migrants like what you are talking about (and which I informed you about in the last question) As you can see here it is a very clear concise site and it gives a link to exactly which occupations are considered as in demand and drivers (forklift or otherwise) are not on this list Also it clearly stipulates that you must already be earning a salary level of minimum DKK 463,050 per year which is approx 62,077. Therefore I think you can assess by yourself the chances of receiving a working visa.
Energy is required to overcome friction. Friction causes premature wear of machinery. Friction produces heat which may very well be an undesirable side effect in as far as the machinery or the product of machinery goes.
Q:What kind of industry does the machine industry refer to?
Machinery industry refers to the machinery manufacturing industry, such as lathe processing equipment manufacturing and so on, all belong to the machinery industry;

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