Rail-mounted Gantry Crane

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SDI can supply rail mounted cranes rated from 10 tons to 900 tons which can span up to 80m. Depending on the demand and design, a gantry crane alone can lift a beam of up to 900 tons, and two gantry cranes working together can lift a beam of up to 1800 tons。


Running on the rails; self-contained generator; able to move straight, and turn 90 degree.

Till the year 2011, 82 numbers of gantry cranes with rates over 450 tons have been delivered.

Rated lifting capacity

10-900 ton

Lifting speed

0-4m/min, heavy load

0-8m/min, no load



Running speed

0-5m/min, heavy load

0-10m/min, no load

Overhead trolley speed

0-3m/min, heavy load

0-5m/min, no load

Grade ability

±2%, long slope

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