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Gantry Crane  equipment is developed by our company for different industries such as high-speed rail, maglev trains, shipyard lifting transportation of large components.The success of the equipment will be a big line components of lifting and handling, greatly improve the efficiency of plant lifting transportation, save the investment cost.

MG gantry crane is mainly used for outdoor goods yard, loading and unloading of material field and beam yard. The structure of it like a door frame, the main girder form has single beam and double beam form; the main girder can be divided into truss structure and box beam structure.  And the main girder can have overhanging cantilever beam. The two legs are installed under the main girder, they can running on the rail directly. The winch trolley is placed on the main girder, it can running and lifting in the leg span. MG gantry crane has high space utilization, wide operating range, suitable surface, strong commonality, etc.

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