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Gantry crane mainly used for outdoor goods yard, cargo, bulk cargo yard handling operation. Its metal structure like the door frame, bearing the main girder, the installation of two supporting feet, can be directly walking on the orbit to the ground, both ends can be overhanging cantilever girders.

Gantry crane with high space utilization, wider range of operation, adaptation of wide and strong commonality, its widely used in port yard.

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Q:A crane lifts a 2.25 x 10^3 N bucket containing 1.15 m^3 of soil to a height of 7.5 mCalculate the work the crane performs.A 845 N sled is pulled a distance of 185 mThe task requires 1.20 x 10^4 J of work and is done by pulling on a rope with a force of 125 NAt what angle is the rope held?Help please, I am so lost, steps?! Thanks!
In the first case, the force is applied in the same direction as movement; work is simply force times distance moved: (2.25 x 10^3 N)(7.5 m) 16875 J In the second case, you can find the component of force in the direction of movement by dividing work done by distance moved: (1.20 x 10^4 J) / (185 m) 64.86 N To find the angle of the rope, draw a right triangle representing the force vectorsThe hypotenuse is the applied force equal to 125 NThe horizontal base is 64.86 NUse trig to find the angle: cos(theta) (64.86 N)/(125 N) theta 58.74 degrees
Q:A construction crane lifts a 1.6×103-kg beam at a steady speed of 1.4 m/sWhat is the crane’s power output?
The answer is 22kW as shown by the previous answer but this individual has used the wrong value for mm 1.6 x 10^3 and not 1.6 x 10^2 as shown.
Q:Find Tension in Cables AB and AC?
First you need the angle that AB makes with the verticalThis is found from; Tan(1) d/AB .25/4 1 3.576 degNow you focus on the knotThere is a tension T1 up along AB on the knotThere is a Tension T2 down along AC on the knotThere is a weight w5000 N vertically down on the knotSince the knot is at rest the vertical forces must balance and the horizontal forces must balanceThis gives you two eqs: Vertical Forces: T1Cos(3.576) T2Sin(20) + w Horizontal Forces T!Sin(3.576) T2Cos(20) Or T1(.998) T2(.342) + 5000 T1(.062) T2(.94) You have two eqs in the two unknowns, which you can now solve for the two unknowns T1 and T2These are the tensions asked forYou can finish it.
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Q:A crane of mass M 1.00 · 10^4 kg lifts a wrecking ball of mass m 1200kg directly upward.Find the magnitude of the normal force exerted on the crane by the ground while the wrecking ball is moving upward at a constant speed of v 1.00 m/s.I'm confused because there is a constant speed, no acceleration, then how can i use the second law Fma?
Excatly rightSo you can set a 0Therefore F(net) 0 and all the forces must sum to zeroSUM(F(i)) 0 What forces are on the crane? In this configuration, there are only three significant forces: F(ball) + F(gravity) + F(normal) 0 You can easily calculate the force on the ball and the force due to gravity leaving the normal force as a single unknown.
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