Single Girder L Type 10 Ton Gantry Crane In China

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Product Description:

Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane

Yufei Heavy Industries Group

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Main Frame:Bulk Cargo Spare Parts:Fumigation

Free Wooden Box

Delivery Detail:Within 15-30 working days


Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane

1.Model Number: L type Crane

2.Lift capacity:5-32t

4.ISO 9001 PASS

Sketch of  Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane

Brief introduction

L type single beam gantry crane 10t is matched with CD, MD type electric hoist, this crane is a kind of track travelling mid-light type crane, the capacity of crane from 3T to 20T, the span of crane from 12m to 30m, the working temperature within-20--+40 centigrade.


L Type Gantry Crane are widely used in ore, limestone, coal, sand and other granular material in the warehouse. It is a heavy duty working system, an ideal crane with high efficiency, and full functions; the lifting capacity includes the weight of the grab. Electric grab can be used to capture granular materials, such as ore, sand, carbon stone, slag, cokecoal, loose clay, etc.

Control methods

1. Pendent line with press button

2. Cabin control

3. Remote control

primer and finishing paint

Color: yellow, red, blue according to your demand.

Average thickness: about 100 microns


We could provide turn-key project as your demand include design, manufacture,

quality assurance, assembling, testing, commissioning, training and after service.

Design and construction rules

All the standards required the crane is according to china standards.

Safety Guarantee

Weight overload protection device, top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer,

crane traveling limit switch, voltage lower protection function, emergency stop system,

current overload protection system and so on!

Technical parameter of   Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane  

Lifting Capacity











Lifting Height

Main Hook


10; 11

10; 11

10; 11

10; 11

10; 11


Aux Hook

10.5; 11.5

10; 11

10.85; 11.85


Working System




Main Hook








Aux Hook





Crane Travelling







Trolley Travelling


39.5; 40

46; 39.5; 40

39.5; 40

49; 54


Trolley Weight






12.8; 13; 13.1


Total Weight

Sliding Line








Electric Cable







Max Wheel Load








Steel Rail recommended


Power Source

380V 50HZ 3 Phase

Quality guaranty:

The quality of our crane would be guaranteed for one year, in this period, if any quality problem happens under correct operation, we will be responsible for repairing of replacing it for free.
Low charge for maintenance when warranty is expired.

Pictures of  Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane  

Shipment of  Single Girder 10 Ton L Type Gantry Crane  

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