• MDG40t/56m Gantry Crane System 1
MDG40t/56m Gantry Crane

MDG40t/56m Gantry Crane

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MDG Series Gantry Crane is the patent product of our company featuring in light weight, compact structure, simple and pleasing shape, small windward area, energy-saving and safety, easy to erect and disassemble, convenient transportation and wide application scope. 10t-450t and other specifications of the series have been developed, which are widely used in large-scale power station, irrigation works, logistics, wharf project and shipbuilding.
The crane adopts truss structure with high-strength seamless steel pipe. The bridge truss sections are connected by vertical flange and the connecting plate is interchangeable, which will improve assembling and disassembling efficiency, lower requirements to auxiliary crane and facilitate transportation and mobility.

The main hoisting mechanism and trolley traction mechanism adopt international renowned brand gearbox, which provides the crane with small size, light weight, high reliability and excellent performance.
The long traveling mechanism adopts “three-in-one” mechanism (drive, decelerate, brake) and is equipped with a new type of rail clamping device (rail sweep, rail clamp, buffer integrated into one) featuring in compact structure, high reliability, simple maintenance.

The safety protection devices are complete. The crane is equipped with weight limiter, main hook limit, electric hoist limit, traction trolley limit, long travelling limit, ladder exit interlock, emergency stop buttons and other security facilities.
This series of crane is designed with built-in package function. Components such as electric hoist can be packed inside the bridge truss, which reduces transport costs greatly.

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