Rubber tyre Gantry Crane

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1 Introduction

The straddle carrier/ Mobilift offers the technical and economical solution to handle bulky loads on squares and inside large sheltered places. It can satisfy various needs, managing big blocks up to various types of warehouses. This is suitable for loading and unloading trucks, and can also be used in container terminals and for many other uses.

2 Design general data

One Mobilift will be designed and manufactured to be reassembled in a 80 Ton capacity configuration, and will be used to place 15 segments on the first spans of one ramp.
The equipment is fabricated to satisfy the following requirements:
Segment dimensions
·Width 8 / 13 / 19.25 / 25m
·Length (maximum) 3m
·Height (maximum) 2.1m
·Maximum segment weight 180Ton
·Maximum slope ±4%
·Anchoring points and anchoring devices to be defined

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Q:What are the technical parameters of the gantry crane?
The main parameters of the gantry crane are the parameters of the main technical performance index of the crane, which is the basis of the design of the gantry crane and the important basis of the crane safety technical requirements.
Q:What are the reasons for the oil spill of the gantry crane?
2. The limited level of processing technology caused by the contact surface of the box and other precision is not enough, resulting in poor sealing performance and oil spill occurred.
Q:How many years old gantry?
(B) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years
Q:What documents do you need to open a gantry?
Need gantry crane operation driver certificate, in the local technical supervision bureau for.
Q:Do you want to retire early?
The former Ministry of Labor will be engaged in underground, high altitude, high temperature, heavy physical labor or other harmful physical health as a special type of work and clear the scope of special types of work by the industry authorities or labor departments to determine.
Q:How is the port gantry crane?
The Kreis Group has innovated on the basis of the marketing characteristics of the tower crane and has increased the three business functions of the tower crane leasing business, recycling business and technology service business. It has expanded its previous after-sales service model to "pre-sales consultants
Q:What are the classification of gantry cranes?
1. Double cantilever gantry crane: the most common form of a structure, the structure of the force and the effective use of the site area is reasonable.
Q:30m box girder to use how much gantry crane?
You can use a 120 tons of box gantry crane, you can also use two sets of 60 tons of gantry crane
Q:What is the difference between a gantry crane and a gantry crane?
A bridge crane that is supported on a ground track or foundation by means of both sides of the leg.
Q:What is the gantry hanging hook hook?
Manufacturers in order to save things, is perfunctory you, crane design manual has provisions, 15-20cm seriously exceeded, long-term will go out of the accident, not a joke, will kill people, brothers!

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