Precast Yard Gantry Crane 03

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10 set/month
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(1) Reasonable structure for less costing and maintenance.
(2) Favorable performance to improve your working capacity.
(3) Smooth starting and stopping to improve you security sense.
(4) Low noise, commodious cabin and good view can make you happiness operatingand accurate operating.
(5) Credible electric parts to guarantee the crane safety in operating.

Safety feature:
(1) Weight overload protection device
(2) Lifting height limit device
(3) Voltage lower protection function
(4) Phase sequence protection function
(5) Emergency stop function

Control method:
(1) Pendent line control
(2) Remote control
(3) Cabin control
(4) Choose any two together

(1) Process: Sandblast, Primer, finishing paint
(2) Color: Yellow, Red, Blue etc. (according to your demand).
(3) Average thickness: Above 120 microns. (According to your demand).

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H2pro Ceramic Flat Iron

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