Potain Tower Crane--MC320K12

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Model: MC320K12 (Fixed  )
Hook Height:52.4m
Jib Length: 70m
Mast Section:2m×2m×3 m
Max. Load:12t
Load at Jib End:3.2t
Hoisting Winch:70RCS30/75LVF30
Slewing Mechanism:RVF162
Trolley Winch:6D3V4
Nominal Power:78KVA 400V(+10%-10%)  50HZ

Q:It is a single blade knife very similar to a case sodbuster
There okorder /
Q:I need help making a origami crane that can flap his wings.
These okorder It takes quite a few tries to get it right, but once you do it is easy.
Q:Brief introduction of ten no hanging criterion for tower crane operation
4, buried objects do not pull the crane; 5, cable-stayed holding objects not hanging 6, the slings and objects; rickety bundle does not meet the safety requirements to crane; 7, vehicle weight hanging directly processed when not hanging;
Q:What do you do to become a crane operator, do you go to school and how long is it?
OK, first, what kind of crane? there are many different kinds that do many different things. From loading containers at the seaport to high rise buildings. One does not just go into cranes. The more experienced ones, started out as oilers or greasers. Some started out as signal persons. They learned by watching and listening. In the following states you must hold National certification: CA, HA,MT,OR,WA,MN,WV,NM,RI,NJ,NV,NY UT. PA and SC have restrictions now but will be added sometime soon. You can attend a crane school that prepares you for the national certification, but it expensive and not easy for someone without a background working around cranes. There is a lot of terminology and mathematics involved. Not to mention the Federal, state, local and OSHA rules you must practice. Go to your state employment office. They have all the information you need. get to know one of the counselors and pursue your dream. It is not as easy as it seems. But is it a well paying career. Good luck Bill
Q:tnx for answering :)
a japanese girl, gets cancer from the atom bombs that were dropped in hiroshima in the 50's. she is about 12 years old. apparently as a traditional story goes, if you make a thousand paper cranes then you can get one wish or something. i cant remember full story sorry but i do have the book. =) made me cry. xx
Q:dimentions of crane rail, crane beam.
What kind of crane? There are thousands of types.
Q:Is it to do with visibility?What are some other colours of cranes?
Visibility. In the U.S. most that I have dealt with have been schoolbus yellow or international orange. Cranes represent a hazard not only from the fact that the crane operator has restricted visibility and has to concentrate on the load and the signals he is receiving from the rigger but the load itself constitutes a hazard.
Q:Is there an effective utility for estimating the required size of a crane? I’m an estimator for a mechanical contractor, and it seems we never allow enough money for crane rental. How can I effectively adjust my estimates?
well I'm not sure but need to over estimate for safety cause there are all ways mitigating forces @ play when using cranes be safe first dude you dint want to be sued for being cheap and if yo do good work word will get around
Q:where can i buy a cheap plush crane machine?
I bought mine at the candy shop at the mall. it was about $40
Q:If the crane Dawkings refers to about natural selection is not operating or existing by chance, then some questions arise:1) who or what is operating the crane?2) if its self operating, how is it programmed to do so?3) who made the crane?And about designing the designer, No one did. Otherwise the crane would be lifting the operator of the crane into the crane. I guess the crane can operate by itself, but then stopped doing so when something designed the designer. Too many philosophical conundrums for me. The belief in an unified, and self-complete, creator is far less of a complex explanation than the 'crane' concept with all its requisite philosophical flamings hog's heads.
There are cranes, anchored to the ground which can build concepts up. However, the idea of a sky crane is how someone builds a concept from thin air. The ultra cosmic sky crane built it. That way you don't have to figure out a realistic way of building a theory.

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