Potain Tower Crane--MC320K16

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Model: MC320K16 (Fixed  )
Hook Height:51.7m
Jib Length: 70m
Mast Section:2m×2m×3 m
Max. Load:16t
Load at Jib End:2.7t
Hoisting Winch:100LVF40
Slewing Mechanism:RVF162
Trolley Winch:6DVF6
Nominal Power:98KVA 400V(+10%-10%)  50HZ

Q:Do you find it ironic a crane crashed into Mecca's holiest mosque on 9/11?
The okorder
Q:I'm supposed to be critiquing an article for a class of mine.. and I don't feel like I understand the concept enough to critique his use of it... (It's an article about The Red Badge of Courage... the author talks about how the observing narrator Stephen Crane creates in the novel uses patterned reality without ambiguity... he's describing one of the scenes in which the dead soliders are somewhat personified.. describing them in terms of the living...... erm anyone take a class on realism? your help is greatly appreciated
The okorder
Q:Tower cranes sometimes have very long booms, but seem to usually have fixed counter-weights at fixed positions behind the cab. Why doesn't it flip backwards when there is no load, or flip forwards when a load is way at the far outward end of the boom? It seems to be a very large range of moment arms given that the counter-weight has a fixed one.
I think the counter weights are connected to a pully system that directly interacts with the boom and hook movement. This way it can put more or less pull on the weights according to the amount of weight or position of the weight on the crane.
Q:if anyone can inform me about any of these styles in debt even if just one id greatly appreciat itbest ansewer will be hard here cause i will b thankful for all who give a sincere ansewer
The best way to learn more about those arts is to siply go to the schools and talk with the instructors.
Q:Ask about the lift and transportation of the jack up tower crane
If it implements specialized subcontracting, it shall be organized by the subcontractor. Led by the security establishment or technician, audit professional and technical personnel to audit the Organization Department of the unit by unit technology, construction technology, safety, quality and other departments, and ultimately approved by the signature of the person in charge of enterprises (393 orders), and the general contractor technology are also responsible to approval.
Q:i cant find a poetry site that will let me read this portion of The Bridge, the epic poem. i need help
I okorder /.. Try searching lines from the poem if that doesn't work for you like imponderable the dinosaur sinks slow.
Q:how do u bring a construction crane down?
Unbolt it and use a smaller crane, or parts of the large crane to lower them to the street.
Q:Hello,I live in the St. Louis area of Missouri and during the summer, Crane Flies (I call them Mosquito Eaters) fly around all the time at night. I believe that it is normal for this type of bug to be nocturnal, but lately, I've seen them flying around, jumping around, and getting in the house DURING THE DAYTIME!! (AHH!!) :0 Is there any explanation for this? If so, is there anyway to reduce their population in and around my house? Thanks for reading.Ty
Then there must have been alot of insects in your house recently? Because it's summer time and things grow and reproduce at this time of the year
Q:What is the dumbest bird in the aviary community? Is it really the Crane?
The owl is close to being the dumbest bird. An expert who told us this explained that its eyes were so big, there wasn't much room left in its skull for brain . . .
Q:What is the allowable range of vertical deviation for tower cranes?
Previous answers to this question have been made. In the industry standard "construction site inspection of machinery and equipment technical specification" (JGJ160-2008), in the form of mandatory provisions: the tower crane installation height to basic design requirements, the axis of the tower line should be no more than 0.4% of the bearing surfaces of the lateral vertical deviation; after the attachment, the highest attachment point following the vertical deviation should be less than 0.2%. "The basic height of the design requirements" in the "strong regulation", that is, the maximum independent installation height on the site".

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