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Who knows Handan sell aluminum and aluminum-plastic plate where ah, to a large point of the place, said the address in detail, from the Wu An, first thank you.
Can be considered to Guangdong side ah market big aluminum are better find professional production and processing of aluminum veneer aluminum mini
I have thousands of pounds of aluminum slab scrap where the acquisition, how much money a kilogram
Then you sell seven yuan it
Out of the balcony of the door sets, with the plywood bag to worry about the sun drying fade. Cracking, with aluminum-clad board package is not only good-looking, can you please help out an idea, thank you !!
The door is a building decoration terminology. Refers to the door inside the two door frames. There are also directly called the door frame.
Seeking professionals to answer the ceiling gypsum board composite board solid wood board MDF aluminum panel panel What is the difference Thank you
solid wood: As the name suggests, the real wood made of the board, Aluminum composite panels are made of multi-layer composite material, the upper and lower layers for the high-purity aluminum alloy plate, the middle of non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board, are complex Board: a decorative panel: decorated in the appearance of the board, like gypsum board, aluminum plate, plywood used in the decorative surface can be called decorative panels;
What is the difference between the aluminum-plastic plate and the aluminum-plated plate?
Aluminum plate is aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate is the surface layer of aluminum, the plastic material is drawn, the distinction is very easy, and the thickness is not the same, the general use of aluminum wall 2 thick, aluminum-plastic plate with 4 thick , Aluminum for 40 silk.
Aluminum plate, aluminum plate, aluminum square plate What is the difference
Aluminum plate is made of aluminum, thick, suitable for large area, outdoor ceiling; aluminum plate with aluminum plate, are thin material, suitable for interior decoration ceiling!
The first sign of the material of the aluminum-plastic plate material to write 40s, the actual lack of only 18s, lack of experience was fooled, and now the construction team ran, my boss in the accountability of me
You do not know, this is the way to sell materials
Meizhou how to sell outdoor aluminum plate? Please contact the contact, QQ and so on
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