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Can aluminum plate prevent radiation?
Probably only the lead plate to radiation, did not hear that there are other materials have this performance.
Saw this aluminum plate, with aluminum alloy saw blade, or grinding wheel is good?
Aluminum alloy saw fast, slow grinding wheel
I do paint, the main would like to know about the price and details of aluminum-plastic panels, paint and do what is the place to do different? What are their characteristics? The best point can be detailed, I can not ask that there is time to the best details! The The Thank you
The first application of paint or more inside and outside the building building, in the field of building decoration with aluminum-plastic panel finishes certainly expensive over the paint, especially the facade of conventional aluminum curtain wall package package per square meter will be 500-800 yuan , While the fluorocarbon paint brush outside the package package material per square will not exceed 150 yuan.
Aluminum plate price how much money?
Aluminum-plastic plate manufacturers are very much, every offer is not the same manufacturers, there are cheap, expensive, cheap to outrageous, the quality of 200% of the problem! So do not choose too cheap.
How to paste the wallpaper on the aluminum plate
No problem, sticky bar but to choose a good glue, the aluminum plate will not be damaged
OKorder Liupanshui there is no auspicious aluminum-plastic plate to sell, to the new material of the aluminum-plastic plate, the price is not too expensive, the best manufacturers, because I amount
Direct , OKorder aluminum-plastic plate manufacturers chanting
Aluminum plate construction offer how much
This price is uncertain, especially in different regions, but the price of aluminum panels are fixed
Can aluminum-plastic composite plates be bent 90 degrees?
Of course, if not in the back slot, then the flat plate bent 90 degrees, there will be the possibility of aluminum fracture.