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How big is the contactor lifting? How big is the car and how big is the turn?
How big is the lift? It depends on the size of the motor you use. 24KW motor, the choice is about 100A. 30KW uses 125-150A, 55KW, and 150-180A;Generally 40A contactor is used for turningCar selection of 25A on it.
The really really tall ones you see next to skyscrapers. How do they assemble them? I thought that maybe they use another crane, but then how did they assemble that crane? Some of them are really, really tall. Try to remember what one looks like. They have long hollow necks with a top section where the driver sits that stretches long horizontally.
Sorry the only information on Cranes here is of the Feathered variety, you have entered the wrong section sorry.
Just curious... I'm not in construction and always wondered...
little pieces by welly chopper
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S930 M50 (M125/75) level jib tower crane about how much money
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Is there a talk show on the radio or TV similar to the Frasier Crane Show where people call in and tell their problems and the doctor gives them advice? One that's either in the Los Angeles area or nationally syndicated?
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