Potain Tower Crane--MC480

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Model: MC480 (Fixed )
Hook Height:74.91m
Jib Length: 80m
Mast Section:2.5m×2.5m×5.78m
Max. Load:25t
Load at Jib End:3t
Hoisting Winch:100LVF63
Slewing Mechanism:RVF183
Trolley Winch:10DVF10
Nominal Power:106KVA 400V(+10%-10%) 50HZ

Q:the lifting capacity of a hydraulic crane is based on two primary design factors what are they?
Stability(when it tips) and mechanical structure (when it breaks). Bomba is right: when it comes to a simple hydraulic cylinder. The complete crane is a more complex beast than that though.
Q:How to improve the stability of tower crane
Increase the overall weight of the base and weight, the tower structure to be strengthened.Crane wire rope is phosphate coated steel wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope, the use of atmospheric environment, patented technology to produce manganese phosphating coating of steel wire rope has the longest lifespan, heavy corrosion environment optimization of hot galvanized wire rope double - phosphating coating.
Q:What are the climbing claws on the tower crane?
Climbing is lifting work cylinder claw pole on the standard main limb rod bearing points of the.
Q:Ok so I am now on my laptop in my room, in my bed and I am bursting for the loo, like really bad. I knew before I went to bed there was a crane fly in the hall (outside my room), so I made sure I went to the loo before I went to bed. But me being me I need it again but i have phobia of those dreaded crane flys. I went out and put the light on making sure 2 close the bedroom door, and then it started to fly towards me so I ran back to my room. I need help cause I don't know what to do?I am petrified of them. My fiance would normally move it for me but he is on night shift tonight.The last time this happend I stayed up all night and went to the loo at 7 am when my daughter got up, I don't want to do that again considering it is only 1:44 am over here
Crane flies are harmless. They don't bite or sting. You could just get a T-shirt and swing at it if it dares cross your path.
Q:What is the book about?Is it a good one?
that was a really good book about a girl who gets leukemia and thinks that if she makes 1001 cranes she'll get a wish and live on but sadly she dies. her classmates finish the paper cranes and they made a statue in her honor.
Q:I loved Dr. Crane and his sexy glasses and eyes. Plus, I just love Cillian Murphy, haha. Is his character back in the Dark Knight, I heard he was...but I was wondering if anybody could confirm it?
Dr.Crane/Scarecrow is in the beginning of the movie and he gets his but kicked by Batman and gets arrested. It's not a big deal in the movie its just 10 minutes of action that makes people happy.
Q:Does anyone knows where could I find this book online and free ? I would love to read it from my tablet or computer
The Lost Language of Cranes is a novel by David Leavitt, first published in 1986. So the author wasn't thinking about ebooks back then and never signed a contract to make ebooks. See if your public library has a copy in paper. Amazon sells it in paperback and hardcover. Anyone that has a copy for free has stolen intellectual property and is cheating the author and publisher.
Q:How do they get the cranes and counterweights down off the top of buildings when finished?
The cranes and counterweights aren't on top of the building. They are on the ground constructed with structural steel supports.
Q:What were Henry's reasons for becoming a soldier? What about the war was so attractive to him?Why do you think it took Henry so long to begin contemplating his part in battle?How do Jim and Wilson respond to Henry's question? What does this tell you about them?Share your thoughts...
Henry begins the book as an idealistic and completely self-absorbed teenager who wants nothing more than a chance to show off and be thought of as a brave and daring male. From Shmoop
Q:This is a new technology in ringging work. Hope anyone can give me some detail information about wireless crane scale.
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