Potain Tower Crane--MC80A

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Model: MC80 (Fixed )
Hook Height:34.5 m
Jib Length: 50m
Mast Section:1.2m×1.2m×3 m
Max. Load:5 t
Load at Jib End:1.3 t
Hoisting Winch:25PC13
Slewing Mechanism:RCV60
Trolley Winch:4D3V3
Nominal Power:30KVA 400V(+10%-10%)50HZ

Q:Ever felt like a paper crane?
Physically, folded to and fro, folded back over again, then backwards with a bent beak and wings enabling me to creatively go beyond all limitations of an ordinary piece of colored paper. Many journeys traveled as a paper crane, lion, and dragon!
Q:My great grandparents' kamon was the crane and I was thinking of getting it as a tattoo for a symbol of my family.However, I'm not sure which it is. I've bought a book on Japanese Crests especially for this, and saw a couple of crane crests but was wondering if there's an origami crane kamon? And if there is, what is the meaning of it?Thank you very much for the help in advance!
I found an origami crane crest. It is called Orizuru Omodaka (折鶴沢潟) or Omodaka Orizuru (沢潟折り鶴). e-mon .jp/kamon/kamon12.html (on the 7th row, 2nd from the left) Orizuru = origami crane. As the previous answerer said, cranes are considered as sacred birds (reichou; 霊鳥) which bring us luck and happiness. They are also considered as a symbol of longevity as you can see in the following saying. 鶴は千年亀は万年 Cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10000 years. Omodaka = a plant that stands near water. It is also called Kachigusa (勝ち草 = plant of victory). Hope this helps.
Q:It's got to be the most famous of all designs in the art.
I lived in Japan and one time I saw a huge collage made of 1001 origami cranes- shaped to look like the city of Kushiro. Maybe they can be arranged in the shape of a heart, a yin-yang symbol, a cherry blossom tree, or the cranes can be geometrically positioned to add visual interest. Other asian ideas: Red is a lucky color. Pine trees are symbols of longevity. Bamboo/ oranges/ money trees are symbols of prosperity. 2 mandarin ducks symbolize love. Lotus blossom symbolizes purity. Peonies symbolize romance/ fertility. The double happiness symbol also promotes happy marriages. Also, you could photocopy a 100 dollar bill- both sides- 1001 times and fold each bill into a crane. Then hang them from your money tree. You can also hang gold ignots on the tree, available in most Chinese gift shops. Have fun!
Q:Just wondering i am so confused
It's a crane thing. Seriously though - overhead crane, gantry or polar crane!
Q:I have always wondered how they get cranes off the top of huge buildings when they finish building them.I have had many people tell me how they THINK the cranes are taken off. But I want to know for sure. Can anyone give me some evidence? A web site or something??When I say big building I mean like 100 storeys.I have been told things ranging from a helicopter takes them offToThey build tracks down the side of the building and drive it downAndThey pull it to pieces and take it down the elevator.These MAY be real but sound like wild guesses to me.So does anyone know the answer?
but never have I seen a set of tracks or elevator used...not to say that it isn't possible but I have only worked big buildings in NYC...maybe things are done differently elsewhere in the world
Q:OMG! a phoba of crane flys, and there are 5 on my celling right now!!! What do I do, will the move and fly around eventually? I can't kill them, they are out of my reach, and if they start moving, im runing the %^$ outta my house.Will they die by tommorow? or will they just hang there?
You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that made me jump, i hate spiders... But they do say they are good for keeping the flys down...Personally i use a spray or a fly swatter, the swatter is great because it gives them an electric shock and kills them straight away.
Q:I was wondering if anyone knows what period this book is set in? I know that it's set in the slums of New York and the story was published in 1893. But what time period does the story actually take place?
hah ha i'm in your class too :) This project sucks... and I still haven't done it! I have to tonight..
Q:So how does tower cranes and cranes used in constructions make use of mechanical advantage exerted from simple machines such as pulleys and levers?In other words, how does a crane use pulleys and levers?
a crane has a pulley in order to reduce the workload. Each time there is a loop of the pulley made the workload is reduced.
Q:would someone who study both white crane kung-fu & ninjutsu be called a mixed martial artist?
Not by most MMAists. Strictly speaking, studying two martial arts is just cross training. To be MMA, the elements of the two would have to be blended together and trained in a realistic way (sparring), with equal attention being paid to the stand-up, clinch, and ground-fighting phases of combat.
Q:Where i live i get a damn lot of these come in my house.... I usually just leave them unless there are too many. This was before i was told that they are in fact one of the most venomous creatures on the planet. I laughed, but then was told the same by a friend.Im now Little worried about them coming near me. I understand they have no ability to sting but still... Should i worry about them flying around my house? I was thinking if i were to squash one, doesn't that mean the venom is now on my hand?!Are they really the most venomous creatures on earth? Or am i making a mountain out of a molehill? Thanks
This Site Might Help You. RE: Daddy longlegs/Crane Fly... Most venomous creature on earth? Where i live i get a damn lot of these come in my house.... I usually just leave them unless there are too many. This was before i was told that they are in fact one of the most venomous creatures on the planet. I laughed, but then was told the same by a friend. Im now Little worried about...

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