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And no ones at home :'( what can i do for fun?
Sign up on Facebook and then play either Mafia Wars or Farm TownThey're both fun.
Hi! My brother just got a small remote-controlled helicopter for christmas.We were wondering if we could make a small crane to attach to it so the helicopter can pick up things.Also, would we have to some how wire the remote so we could control the crane without like quot;touchingquot; the helicopter?Thanks
Its actually illegal to take a shark with a firearmalso i think it maybe illegal to have a firearm on a vessel without a permit
I'm home aloneCan't driveCan't leave the houseNot even to the front yardCan't driveI'm an only childI'm alone for 8 hoursIt's just me and the dog.
properly once you're actual.kayaking could properly be exciting summer season workout/in simple terms restgetting to know a thank you to rollerblade? you may hire the different seater kayaks too, that are great once you're bringing buddies/relatives alongsideTheatre/performs/Shakespeare interior the park could properly be exciting.Renaissance fairsstay shows? food/Wine beer fairs are a great element interior the summertimei comprehend this could sound kooky, yet donating time at an animal rescue.regardless of if to stroll the canines in the process the day is alot of exciting for me:) stable success, oh, and have exciting! T
i wuz at mi house and i had 2 go pee lik relly relly bad so i walked down mi hallway i almost went inside da bathroom then i thought i cod hold it then i felt like mi blatter wuz gonna explode so i pressed the button for my elevator an i went on it an i thought wat if i just pee mi pants in teh elevator so teh elevator got to the second floor of mi house an i peed in mi pants rite wen i got off my elevator now mi pants r soked how du peple wash dem i dont have a lundry room
Line the bottom of your sink with aluminum foilAdd warm or hot water then add your silverAdd 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup of saltIf after 15 min the silver isn't cleaned to your satisfaction repeat the processRemove and buff to a shine with a soft cloth.
because every time i go through an exact change toll booth and use dimes and nickles to pay for it, it jams up the machine and wont register as paidthe sign says quot; if machine fails honk horn wait ten seconds then proceedquot; so that's what i do every timethey have never send me a fine or anything, but i just want to know for future reference and i will make sure next time i go on a road trip i will not take nickles with me for tolls.
I ran a toll booth and they just mailed me a ticket for the charge of the toll which was $3 or somethingThen I accidentally ran it once more a year later and the fee was $25 and then my boyfriend ran it again in my car and it went up to $70It never went on my record.
Well, the quot;correctquot; answer (at least conventionally) is to say, quot;No, I'm an individual and I make my own decisions, and jumping off a bridge is stupid!quot; But to me, if everyone else is dead, then there's not really a point to me living, because it'd be really depressing and pointless anyway(No friends, no family, no electricity so no machines, etc.)Best answer opposing mine gets 10 points.
My hair is generally straight but with a few waves here and thereTo make it straight I use Herbal Essences pin straight shampoo and conditionerThen while my hair is still wet I apply a small amount of smoothing gel (any brand seems ok) then blow dry it until it is completely dryThis seems to work really well at getting out the kinks.
Hi,I'm originally from Germany and came to study here about a year ago and recently rented my first own flat(share)I found it weird that landlords and letting agents do not usually advertise the size of the property?I can only compare it to my home country, where ads ALWAYS state the habitable size of the property, and usually the websites then even calculate the price per square meter.On Rightmove, e.g., the ads alway only state quot;large 3 bedroom flat with spacious living roomquot;How large is large? What is spacious?Also, when I looked up the rent index for my area there was only information about the average house and flat prices, but no relative prices such as ?/m?.I understand that things are done differently in other countries, but this seems very irrational to me.So, could somebody please explain to me why this is? Why, apparently, people also don't bother to know about the exact size and relative price?Thanks!
This used to drive me nuts because I thought knowing the area would be helpful for comparing apartments / homes, but there are a number of good reasons why square footage is often not shown- There is no standard defining how to calculate it (does a balcony count?, the area occupied by a wall?, an elevator shaft?, etc) - Floor area can also be extremely difficult to measureMost rooms are not simple rectanglesThey can have rounded walls, alcoves, walls that jut out, closets, stairways, etc- For a seller / landlord, there is not a lot of upside in showing the square footageSince there is no standard definition for how to calculate it, if they err on the high side, there is risk of a lawsuitIf they err on the low side, they only succeed in making the apartment look small- It does not really tell you all that much anywayWhat people really care about is not the amount of space, it is the ways in which they are able to use itSome homes have large areas that are not basically usable (e.gan extra-wide entry way) whereas others use the space very efficiently (e.gHong Kong efficiency apartments)People also have different preferencesSome want lots of open area for their kids to play, others want walk-in closetsPersonally, I don't think square footage is not worth focusing onEven if it did matter, it is not accurate enough to tell you very much.
It attaches to the truck, it's not the actual truckIs it like a trailer or something? But it's kind of small and a few people can sit in the back and it's coveredI don't even know if it has a name, but if soI don't know dude.
potato salads are beautiful! or you can make pies with a potato topping! alternatively if you have or know of any young children, you can cut out the potatoes to form shapes like stars and moon crescents and this really makes a fun art project! use it like a stencil! have fun!