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How many tons are the road rollers in the road? What's the model and how much is it?
The vibration pressure is about 20.................. Prices vary, a manufacturer, a price, three rounds of pressure about two hundred thousand, vibration pressure of more than 20 to more than 30, XCMG road machine is the best, into the factory to buy, do not buy imitation, do not be cheated
The width of the road is 3 meters. How many square meters can the road roller run for 9 minutes?
Do you know if there are any special configurations for rubber tyred rollers? Wipe the oil workers to avoid accidents caused by rolling wheel roller work, can be installed automatic injection device, replace the oil workers, not only can save a wipe the oil workers' wages, but also can bring security, you want to install the Tim He Wei new technology, Max pinyin spelling
XCMG vibratory roller XP and XS? What do you mean?
As the global economy is still in a slow recovery period, coupled with China's Roller Road enterprises export major market recovery is weak, in 2013, the road roller exports situation has improved, but the growth rate is weak. In 2013, the roller main production enterprises exported 3395 rollers, an increase of 1.8%. More than 200 enterprises export roller this year, Xugong, Xiagong, Liugong, Luoyang Road, Liuzhou, mountain and other 6 enterprises. This one, because of the influence of brand and overseas channels, up to 752 units of export Xugong roller, total sales of 18.5%; export 693 units Xiagong roller, has accounted for 42.6% of total sales; Liugong exports 556 units accounted for 39.85%.Beg for adoption
Let me have some never played roller! 10 years 22 tons for 22W mountain people think? What are the disadvantages of this roller?
Shantui only bulldozers can also be done, not others ah, push the loader with a roller should know, the best in the garbage.
The asphalt pavement here is divided into three layers, the two layer with rubber tire roller for rolling, the surface layer is needed for the rubber roller, wherein the two layer is below AC, the top layer is SMA series.
The asphalt aggregate ratio and slag amount is more than 6% SMA can not use leather wheel, this is the result of the test section, the rub mastic floating that the depth of the surface structure reduces in this case leather wheel, skid resistance is reduced, skin wheel function is rubbing that is dense, so more suitable for dense graded mixture.
Excavators, forklifts, bulldozers, rollers with the same tonnage fight who badly rank
The speed is ranked forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, compactors if real-time battle, long distance attack with reality hit the first row digging machine can,
The rollers are divided into several types
The roller from the area can be divided into vibroll (RCC) and static (rolling), road roller vibration roller can be divided into 2 6 8 amplitude amplitude, amplitude, and refinement is based on weight and amplitude, exciting force and other distinguished models.
How many tons of pressure are there when they are opened?For example: take a site earthwork flat, 20 tons of press vibration can affect on soil 30cm within the excavation area of soil compaction?, not loose.
In addition the roller roller and hydraulic machinery driving the same tonnage hydraulic roller die weight (can be simply understood as the effective work the weight of the steel wheel) greater. Effect of depth.