Behind The Door Hooks

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How high is the normal wardrobe hook?
Style home big world generally hanging long clothes 1.3 or 1.4 meters high, hanging short clothes are generally within 1 meter ~! See how you designed it
Underwear hooks broken their own did not buy the sturdy, especially the body sculpting clothes so long a bad hook to repair where to repair it?
Outside the general clothes shop should also have it! Can ask, if not repair. Really wasted!
Yi clothes hook can stick to the wall is due to what
Due to the cohesive force and external atmospheric pressure.
Underwear hook 4 practical or 5 practical
Now most of the four buckle, five buckle very little.
What is sticky on the wallpaper?
Strong glue
Want to door in the right hand side of the shoe above the nail a row of hanging hook but do not know in the latex paint directly above the line? Will the walls be soiled? What can be scrubbed? Or must you have to pad the wood below? Do not want to get too thick wood is another way?
Normal latex paint, can guarantee a certain number of scrub!
How does the hollow wall install the clothes hook?
With a glued gum hook
Dream of home clothes hanging section
You are a man or a woman