LED Street Light Reduce the Shadows on The Road, to Save the Energy

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Product Description:

waterproof ip65 led street light



waterproof ip65 led street light

  • Simple elegant looking ,consisten color.

  • Combining LED module and frame structurem the lamp is made of die cast aluminun alloy.

  • Series powers available realized by adjusting LED modules quanity.

  • Special reasonable thermal design ensures long term life span of lamp.

  • The light distribution is designed for professional optical and high efficiency.

  • Both lamp structure and electrical safety are in full compliance with EN60598 GB 7000 Standard.

  • Eletrial class: Class I

  • Protection:Ip65


I) Specification of DL0719 waterproof ip65 led street light:



DL0719 LED street light specification
Article NO.DL0719DL0719CDL0719ADL0719DDL0719BDL0719E
Input voltageAC175-305VAC175-305VAC175-305VAC175-305VAC175-305VAC175-305V
Power factor>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9
LED power60W80W90W120W120W160W
Total power Max65W85W95W130W130W175W
Luminous efficiency>125lm/W>125lm/W>115lm/W>115lm/W>110lm/W>110lm/W
Inital luminous flux11000lm14300lm18700lm22000lm25300lm28600lm
Luminaire efficiency>90%
Operating temperature-30ºC- +50ºC
Working humidityRH10% - 90%
Color rendering indexRa>75
ConfigurationAluminum alloy housing
Light spotRectangular opitcal spot
Ingress protection ratingIP65
Economical lifetime>50000h
Wind resistance IndexClass 12
Electrical classClass I


II) Dimension of DL0719 waterproof ip65 led street light


 waterproof ip65 led street light


III) Light distirubution of DL0719 waterproof ip65 led street light


waterproof ip65 led street light


IV Projects


 waterproof ip65 led street light


1. Are you factory? Can I visit the factory?

-- We are factory. Our factory is in Foshan, and marketing center is in Guangzhou. Welcome to visit our factory and office. We can pick you up when you arrive GZ.

2. Can you do OEM?

-- Yes, we can. We have 20 researchers and 5 designers. We can do OEM products according to your requirment.

3.  What's your annual sales volume?

-- average 0.2 billlion.

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Q:How much is a minimum price of 20 meters high pole lamp? How much is the general price?
In fact, that's what we usually call energy-saving lamps, LED lights.Different power LED lights, the price is not the same.Resulting in price differences and different processes, different appearance, material, comparative advantages and competitive advantages, as well as new shortcomings of neon and LED lightsCompared to the neon lights and LED lights, the latest LED technology comes into comparison, not what information you see in the network before.
Q:18 150W LED cast light lamps installed in the 25 meter high pole lamp is bright enough, how can be irradiated
25 meters high enough to light lamp, lamp light angle smaller, the irradiation range depends on the quality of lighting and light emitting angle. Recommend the upcoming special production of high-power LED lamp handing LED
Q:How to select suitable driving power for LED street lamp?
A high pole lamp power, there are some low power courtyard street lamp, a power voltage, there are low, are prone areas in lightning, so the constant current drive, not only good performance, but also can be good heat dissipation, anti lightning, anti rain.
Q:How much illumination can the 200 Watt LED projector reach 30 meters?
Generally speaking, LED light projection angle 120~180 degrees, 200W LED lamp in the 30 meters position, the projection area in the ground should be about more than 100 square meters, the higher the lumen of the light, the more bright the ground. Perhaps this involves some calculations and the specifications of the lamp itself.
Q:Pole 25 meters high, 100 meters in diameter required W
Single disc high pressure sodium lamp 12*400 watts or LED12*200 watts can
Q:To achieve the following functions of LED lights, what knowledge do you need to use?
On the LED lamp lamp not appropriate. Pole 35 meters, the height is very high, or install lamp, yellow 1000W, yellow light through fog and strong, suitable for wharf, airport, border and other places need light and strong.
Q:Why high pole lamp control switch to the specified time to advance light
Should be the time control switch failure, it is recommended to ask manufacturers to deal with.
Q:What is in the lamppost of the LED street light?
The cross flow source acting on the current steady light effect reached stable effect and pressure welcome to Yangzhou Henghui lighting equipment Co., Ltd. cooperation the company specializing in the production of LED street lamp solar street traffic signal lamp and high power LED
Q:35m lamp (18 light 2) to put much LED light? To meet the diameter of 200M
The white light projection lamp 1000W is suitable for being installed in the football field, the leisure square, etc., and the advantage of the white light is that the distortion is not yellow, but the illumination range is wide and the transmittance is good. And the LED lights, light efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, expensive, high-power LED lights installed, heat dissipation technology can not pass, in such a high place is still not appropriate. I hope it works for you. Shengda street lamp dedication.
Q:LED lamp configuration with traditional lamp compared advantage?
There is not a kind of ah, LED energy saving, environmental protection, small decline. Good but generally high pole lamp lumens, with lamp and light, do you want to compare LED and sodium lamp? LED has a relatively long life, about two times that of sodium lamps

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