Purple lighting GB8035-L30B LED Explosion-Proof Light

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Purple lighting  GB8035-L30B  LED Explosion-Proof Light

        Purple Lighting was founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district, for the national high-tech enterprises, national software enterprises. Enterprise was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "top baoan district innovation", "famous brand in guangdong province the most growth enterprises", "shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises" such as honor,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Purple light illumination in the field of professional lighting industry in a leading position, has the industry's first special LED lamps and lanterns of key laboratory and baoan district special funding, is the earliest a batch of special research and development of LED lamps production enterprise, the industry's first new three board listed companies, the industry's first home for shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) energy conservation and environmental protection to support enterprises, the industry's first state-owned assets supervision and administration in enterprises in shenzhen city. The company is committed to building the first brand of LED lamps in the field of industrial lighting.

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Q:Applicable range of explosion proof lamp
LED explosion-proof lamp is more suitable for explosive sites, mainly for the installation of all the confirmation process, to ensure that the equipment used in accordance with the requirements of the installation site. If there is more than one kind of flammable substances in a workshop or a box area, this kind of material in certain conditions, such as the time in the event of a failure of the operation is likely to occur in the environment, whether the existence of flammable substances can cause the mixture with air to form explosive mixture, if the concentration exceeds the explosion limit specified in the under the condition, and to further determine the probability of occurrence of the risk level of the explosive mixture to determine the place.
Q:Area of 400 square meters, height of 5 meters, what explosion-proof lamps can guarantee lighting?
LED watts can be a little lower. Generally with this exquisite point, really need to calculate the illumination and effective radiation area, directly ask the lighting manufacturers, these parameters are better.
Q:Why is the bulb of the explosion proof lamp always bad?
I suggest you change the light source, it seems that there is no professional cold light source bar. You might as well try the LED, the metal halide lamp, or the sodium lamp.
Q:What's the difference between explosion proof lamp tube and ordinary lamp tube?
Of course, there is a difference. The explosion proof tube has a protective screen outside the tube, and the glass inside is toughened. So generally not damage, loss is not easy to hurt people.
Q:Where can I find an explosion proof lamp in Ningbo?
As a high-tech zone countries Ningbo has a specialized production explosion-proof lamps called Ningbo Baoguang Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd., there should be
Q:Where is the city of Chongqing explosion proof lamps and lanterns?
Forehead.. You can buy it online directly at Baidu. I also sell. There seems to be an agent on the other side of Chongqing..
Q:Should explosion protection lamps be used in fire pump rooms?
To see what the pump room, if the explosive dangerous gas (or dust) exists, it is necessary to use explosion-proof lamps, but also in accordance with the dangerous environment to choose suitable explosion-proof type lamps and lanterns. An explosion proof technical consultant for you to answer, if any questions may be asked!
Q:Do you have to install explosion proof lamp in warehouse?
If the relevant regulations stipulate that your warehouse class needs explosion proof lamp, it is better to execute it according to the regulations, but not to let the people here say that you can.
Q:Tianjin explosion-proof lamps okay?
Did not hear the brand, it is recommended or choose the brand, Shenzhen ocean King explosion-proof lamps, goodAfter all, the level of explosion-proof explosion-proof area, maintenance and safety requirements in the strict, should not be underestimated
Q:Do explosion-proof lamps require 3C certification?
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