Purple lighting GB8051-L70H-WF1 LED Explosion-Proof Light

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Purple lighting GB8051-L70H-WF1 LED Explosion-Proof Light

        Purple Lighting was founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district, for the national high-tech enterprises, national software enterprises. Enterprise was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "top baoan district innovation", "famous brand in guangdong province the most growth enterprises", "shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises" such as honor,                                                              Purple light illumination in the field of professional lighting industry in a leading position, has the industry's first special LED lamps and lanterns of key laboratory and baoan district special funding, is the earliest a batch of special research and development of LED lamps production enterprise, the industry's first new three board listed companies, the industry's first home for shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) energy conservation and environmental protection to support enterprises, the industry's first state-owned assets supervision and administration in enterprises in shenzhen city. The company is committed to building the first brand of LED lamps in the field of industrial lighting.

Q:CAsk about the class C warehouse must be installed explosion-proof lamp problems, specifically in which provisions of the final you know that, looking for the morning is not specific to that clause
According to "warehouse fire safety management rules" thirty-eighth:Storage class C solid goods warehouse, are not allowed to use more than 60 watt incandescent lamp and lighting above high temperature. When using fluorescent lamps and other low temperature lighting fixtures and other anti burning lighting fixtures, the ballast should be insulated, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures to ensure safety.The class C of combustible solid including chemical, synthetic fiber and its fabric, paper, cotton, wool, silk, linen and fabric, grain, flour, natural rubber and rubber products, bamboo, wood and its products, medicines, televisions, tape recorders and other electronic products, computer room has been recorded in the data storage disk the fish and meat.
Q:What type of electrical heating is used in the paint room?. We had to use the Yuba bulb. Security department does not agree. Great God, a move.
Paint room paint solvent belongs to flammable and explosive gases, paint room electrical explosion proof electrical, lamps should use explosion-proof lamp, heating, can use explosion-proof electric heater.
Q:Why explosion-proof lamps can be explosion-proof?
Because the lamp housing can be fully closed, the sparks produced by the joints inside the luminaire are all enclosed in the luminaire, which can not be transmitted outside the luminaire. An explosion that prevented sparks from blowing up.
Q:How many watt explosion proof lamps are installed in the 600 party warehouse?
Say the height of the problem, and the quantity is the inverse of the wattage. You don't say how many! To do this the lighting scheme, according to the experience of 250W height of 14 meters, about 8 light or 175W in about 10 light, see the height and the number of Watts decided the size of above experience is not absolutely accurate wattage!
Q:Applicable range of explosion proof lamp
LED explosion-proof lamp is more suitable for explosive sites, mainly for the installation of all the confirmation process, to ensure that the equipment used in accordance with the requirements of the installation site. If there is more than one kind of flammable substances in a workshop or a box area, this kind of material in certain conditions, such as the time in the event of a failure of the operation is likely to occur in the environment, whether the existence of flammable substances can cause the mixture with air to form explosive mixture, if the concentration exceeds the explosion limit specified in the under the condition, and to further determine the probability of occurrence of the risk level of the explosive mixture to determine the place.
Q:Explosion proof lamp must be equipped with explosion-proof switch?
It depends on where the switch is installed. If it is installed in a dangerous area, it must be an explosion proof switch; if the switch is in the safe area, the ordinary switch will do.
Q:Class C warehouse must use explosion proof lamp
Must, no doubt, because category C warehouse belongs to flammable and explosive environment, must use explosion-proof lampClass C1 point more than 60 DEG C for liquid2. combustible solid1 animal oil, vegetable oil, asphalt, wax, lubricating oil, oil, heavy oil, flash point less than 60 DEG C of diesel oil, furfural, > 50 degrees to < 60 degrees of liquor.
Q:How is the glass cover of flameproof explosion-proof lamp fixed?
According to the national GB3836.2 standard for explosion protection, the glass cover and metal joint should be glued or covered with soft metal pads
Q:What's the difference between traditional explosion proof lamp and LED explosion proof lamp?
Now LED explosion-proof lamp in the process is better than the traditional explosion-proof lamp, longer service life, saving half, future use of LED light source is a kind of trend, Zhejiang games belong to the domestic do LED explosion-proof lamp very professional manufacturers.
Q:Which brand is good for explosion proof lamps?.
Ji'nan Chen Chen is very good, our factory used before, the quality is very good. How many do you recommend?Explosion proof LED floodlight QC-FB008

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