Mining Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe LED Roadway Lights(G)

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Product Description:

Explosion proof, water proof, dust proof. 

LED cold solid light source, power saving, high brightness, maintenance-free, green and environmental protection


Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry, where is full of methane, coal dust or mixed explosive air, or harmful gas.


  • Adopt in-line die casting aluminum heat sink, high degree protection flameproof housing. Optimized structure design and sealing technology, the degree of waterproof & dustproof reach IP65 level. Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry.   

  • Low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the fluorescent lamp’s with the same luminance.

  • Long service life, maintenance free, completely eliminate the hidden dangers caused by change light frequently, reduce the underground worker intensity.  

  • Power saving. Save about 90% compared with the same brightness of the incandescent lamp.

  • Adopt wide voltage design (AC85-265V), effectively protect the lights, reduce the lighting flicker caused by the voltage change because of underground equipment's open & stop.

Raw Material: High quality Die-casting Aluminum

Tempered glass, Stainless steel bolts

Light source: Samsung

Drive: Domestic super Wide voltage range Constant-current constant-voltage power supply.

Light Size: 380x270x315mm

Weight: N.W: 7kgs    G.W.: 7.5kgs

Package: Foam + Carton, 2pcs/carton

Carton Size: 620x515x365mm




Color temperature 




Operating Voltage   (V)

Luminous Efficiency   of Light Source(Lm/W)


Protection class





Size        (L*W*Hmm)Cable entry










Exd[ib]I Mb/ Exd[ib] II B T4 Gb







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Q:Service station led explosion proof lamp brightness problem?
This problem is to look at your high brightness gas station, home is generally 6.7 meters, 8 meters high to oneself, but also the location of the gas station with the light of a relationship, such as in the road need not too bright, the brightness will be higher in urban areas, because the urban lighting places, to highlight how the degree of gas stand out, 6.7 meters with 100 watts, four tanker with 10 lights, and four corners of each one, four tankers each aisle, install 2 OK, need high-quality explosion-proof lamp for me,
Q:Why is the explosion-proof lamp connected to ballast?
A lamp without ballast is a lamp that produces light with a short circuit of a tungsten filament, such as an incandescent lamp.
Q:Does the explosion-proof lamp housing need to be earthed?
According to the national standard of electric explosion prevention, the earthing of explosion-proof electrical equipment has earthing device, must be grounded, and it is reliable grounding.
Q:Why must explosion-proof lamps be used in explosion protection facilities?
Explosion proof lamps and switches are required for flammable, easy and damp places such as filling stations, filling stations, chemical raw materials warehouses, wood warehouses, etc..
Q:Can I use an explosion proof lamp in an ordinary warehouse?
The so-called explosion-proof lamp and explosion-proof switch is actually played a flammable and explosive gas and the environment in a separated electrical energy to produce a spark to contact, thus avoiding harm, as you say the environment completely unnecessary installation of explosion-proof lamps and switches.
Q:Do oxygen storage rooms need to be fitted with explosion-proof lamps?
Needed. Oxygen also belongs to flammable and explosive gas, our usual environment, oxygen content is low, can not feel. It is very dangerous to store oxygen. Electrical equipment sparks or static electricity can easily ignite flammable gases, so be sure to use explosion-proof electrical equipment, so as to ensure safety in production. Safety weightier than Mount Tai!
Q:LED explosion proof lamp, which led explosion proof lamp is good?
Hundred percent lighting, cost-effective, good after-sales service
Q:Explosion proof lamp grade IP65 and IP40 which level is high?
That's not an explosion proof class. The explosion-proof band Ex is the explosion-proof grade. IP65 is the protection level. IP65 is higher than IP40
Q:Common light source for explosion proof headlamp
Traditional white woven lampsGas enhanced white woven lampLED light sourcelight-emitting diode
Q:Explosion proof lamp is really not bad,
It's not the same glass. It's better sealed.

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