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could someone please recommend (a) thin set, manufacturer, brand, this is a bathroom application. perhaps a Lowe's or home depot product.
Custom Building products, sold at Home Depot is what I ve used for years.. You can use the white or grey, just that the grey is just a bit cheaper too. For porcelains you ll want the Flexbond line in the Custom thin set. It s the one recommended for porcelains. Also in the past I ve used H B Fuller s Tec lines of thin sets. love that line, it mixes to a nice creamy consistancy. But its not as available to the public and more expensive. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
I have a walk in closet with plywood pieces for a floor. Don't I need cement board installed before putting in wood flooring? Thanks for your help!!
You dont need cement board . You would just install it over the plywood subfloor. Personally I would go down to Home Depot or similar store and look at their floring and talk to a salespersomn there. If you have not done this before you need to find professional help.
My bathroom has a section where there is cement board. Over the cement board is a layer of plaster. Tiles were glued to the plaster. However, the plaster came off of most of the cement board over time. Of course, the tiles have fallen off too. So now I have bare cement board partially covered by plaster.I'd like to remove the remaining plaster from the cement board and then retile directly over the cement board.How to best remove the remaining plaster? Is chipping away at it the only method?
By the use of paraffine
Can cutting the steel cutting machine cut the cement board?
Can not cut the reinforced toothless saws are grinding wheel pieces, while cutting the concrete slabs to use the toothless alloy steel saw blade.
How does the cement pressure plate hang on the old wall with paint?
Cement pressure plate from the fiber, cement, quartz sand, additives, water and other inorganic substances, by mixing molding, high temperature and pressure steaming and special technical treatment and made a variety of thickness, high density sheet, 100% non-asbestos and other harmful Material, with high strength, large format, light, fire, waterproof and other excellent performance of the new environmentally friendly building materials.
I'm redoing the deck in my back yard. I've discovered the possibility of using deck tiles (wood slats, or slate, etc.) but not until after I ripped up the existing boards. There is a cement slab under my current deck. Could I just install the deck tiles on that, or would there have to be some sort of drainage system underneath? Thanks for the help!
put them on the cement no drainage required
Wood keel cement pressure plate partition wall tiles
Before the tiles, the cement board should first use the interface agent to brush, then paint a layer of 1 cm or so of cement mortar, the label is appropriate high; 24 hours after the water to do maintenance (to prevent the paint layer too dry), 48 hours After the tile can be posted (at this time the strength of the paint layer has not yet reached, when the tile can not be applied to hit the force); tiles must be fully soaked.
What do you use under the tiles, and do you still use grout as well?
Normally you install tiles over a concrete slab using modified thinset for exterior use. Regards, Dale