Mining Explosion Proof LED Roadway Lights (C)

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Item specifice:

Power(w): 10-40W Color temperature(k): 4500-6500K Illumination Lx(3M): 40-145
Size(LxWxH)mm: 280*205*142 Protection class: IP65 Life(h): 50000
Operating voltage(v): AC127V

Product Description:

Explosion proof, water proof, dust proof. 

LED cold solid light source, power saving, high brightness, maintenance-free, green and environmental protection


Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry, where is full of methane, coal dust or mixed explosive air, or harmful gas.


Product Features

1. Adopt in-line die casting aluminum heat sink, high degree protection flameproof housing. Optimized structure design and sealing technology, the degree of waterproof & dustproof reach IP65 level. Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry. 

2. Adopt high power LED white solid cool light source of the US Cree, the lumen maintains more than 70% after 50000H aging.

3. Low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the fluorescent lamps with the same luminance.

4. High light efficiency lens design, radiation angle of light up to more than 65/175 degree, effectively reduces the blind area of underground.

Wide irradiation range, high Intensity of illumination.

5. Long service life, maintenance free, completely eliminate the hidden dangers caused by change light frequently, reduce the underground worker intensity.  

6. Power saving

 Save about 90% compared with the same brightness of the incandescent lamp.

7. Adopt wide voltage design (AC85-265V), effectively protect the lights, reduce the lighting flicker caused by the voltage change because of underground equipment ‘s open & stop .


Raw Material: High quality Die-casting Aluminum

Tempered glass, Stainless steel bolts

Light source: Puri

Drive: Domestic super Wide voltage range Constant-current constant-voltage power supply.

Light Size: 280x205x142mm

Weight: N.W: 3kgs    G.W.: 3.5kgs

Package: Foam + Carton, 3pcs/carton

Carton Size: 800x280x180mm




Color temperature 




Operating Voltage   (V)

Luminous Efficiency   of Light Source(Lm/W)


Protection class

 Anti-corrosion class



Size        (L*W*Hmm)Cable entry






Exd I Mb






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Q:What is emergency explosion proof lamp?
Definition: an emergency lighting fixture for emergency lighting that can be activated immediately by the power supply of the emergency battery power supply for the main power failure. It can also be controlled by an external switch.Explosion proof lamp: literally understood, is not easily explosive lamp.
Q:What's the use of an enhanced explosion-proof lamp?
The lamps made by using the principle of increasing safety and explosion protection are used in the explosion proof area
Q:The explosion-proof grade of mobile explosion-proof lamps is Exd,
2.ia and de are not two forms at all, in comparison D flameproof, e increased security, if you want to compare, the highest ia. See GB3836.4-2000 for details
Q:What are the problems with the LED explosion-proof lamp?
LED explosion-proof lamp and what does not solve the problem of the is the driving power for the development of mature is electrolysisTurn left and turn right |After the use of non electrolytic technology, led explosion-proof lamp can be truly efficient and energy-saving, maintenance free for up to 10 years
Q:What is explosion-proof lamps and lanterns engineering style?
The explosion-proof lamp is used for dangerous places exist combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the explosion-proof requirements, widely used in oilfield power plant chemical plant oil unit.
Q:What's the power of the explosion proof lamp in the factory?. How many watts?
If it is LED lights, then about 50W on the line, and the metal halide lamp will be 150W so.
Q:Is there an explosion proof sign behind the LED explosion proof lamp?
The explosion proof signs of gas explosion proof products include explosion proof symbols, explosion-proof types, types of use, temperature groups and protection grades, such as Ex, D, IIB, T4 and Gb. Dust proof products also have protection grade (IP).
Q:What explosion-proof lamps should be installed in the transformer room?
Explosion proof fluorescent lamp EYD2 series or CBY series.Explosion proof metal halide lamp CFD series or energy saving lamp, LED lamp.Need consultation, please leave a contact information!
Q:What grade should be used for 0 types of zone explosion-proof lamps at gas stations and ethylene plants?
Two, the applicability of explosion protection methods to dangerous sites:Serial number, explosion proof type code, national standard, explosion prevention measure, applicable area1 flameproof D GB3836.2 isolation exists for ignition source Zone1, Zone22 increased safety type E GB3836.3 tries to prevent ignition source Zone1, Zone23 intrinsically safe IA GB3836.4 limit ignition energy Zone0-2 intrinsically safe IB GB3836.4 limit ignition energy Zone1, Zone24 positive pressure type P, GB3836.5 dangerous material and point fire source, Zone1, Zone25 oil filled o GB3836.6 hazardous materials separated from point source, Zone1, Zone2 6, sand mold Q GB3836.7, dangerous material and ignition source, Zone1, Zone27 non sparking n GB3836.8, try to prevent ignition source Zone28 cast sealing type m GB3836.9 tries to prevent ignition source Zone1, Zone29 airtight h GB3836.10 manages to prevent the ignition of Zone1, Zone2So, with the intrinsically safe IICT6 zone 0 explosion proof lamp. 1, 2 categories generally use flameproof type, hydrogen, acetylene and so on, use IICT6, no, use IIBT6.
Q:Is the explosion-proof lamp the same as the damp proof lamp?
Different, explosion-proof lamp is through the qualified third party inspection and certification of lamps and lanterns, can be used in flammable or explosive gas or combustible dust appear dangerous place. Damp proof lamp has high protection level, dustproof and waterproof. It can only be used in safe place!

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