Purple lighting GB8150B-L100ZT-WF1 LED Explosion-Proof Light

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Purple lighting GB8150B-L100ZT-WF1  LED Explosion-Proof Light

       Purple Lighting was founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district, for the national high-tech enterprises, national software enterprises. Enterprise was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "top baoan district innovation", "famous brand in guangdong province the most growth enterprises", "shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises" such as honor,                                                              Purple light illumination in the field of professional lighting industry in a leading position, has the industry's first special LED lamps and lanterns of key laboratory and baoan district special funding, is the earliest a batch of special research and development of LED lamps production enterprise, the industry's first new three board listed companies, the industry's first home for shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) energy conservation and environmental protection to support enterprises, the industry's first state-owned assets supervision and administration in enterprises in shenzhen city. The company is committed to building the first brand of LED lamps in the field of industrial lighting.

Q:Safety distance of explosion proof lamp and fire sprinkler in safe place
Two. Explanation on the Handbook of rapid design for water supply and drainage engineering,The P317 twenty-third diagram indicates the minimum distance from the bottom of the edge of the beam or roof. In case of a high power bulb or an air outlet, the nozzle shall not be smaller than 0.80m.
Q:What materials do you need? Is there a specified height and width? How to plan the route?Factory explosion-proof lamp installation labor costs how much a square meter? I am anxious to know. Thank you for your prompt reply.
Height and width can look at the wattage of your light. The bigger, the brighter. General supporting materials, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof rectifier, electrical box, lamp pole and so on.
Q:Where can I find an explosion proof lamp in Ningbo?
China police equipment online has many explosion-proof lighting manufacturers throughout the country information
Q:Which industry needs explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof equipment, which industry?
The preferred Shandong coal explosion-proof electrical appliances, complete documents, reliable quality, competitive price, "KBA166 flameproof fiber optic video camera", "KXJ-1.5/660B flameproof and intrinsically safe PLC control box" are very hot products.
Q:What explosion-proof lamps should be installed in the transformer room?
Explosion proof metal halide lamp CFD series or energy saving lamp, LED lamp.
Q:How much is the voltage and current of jw7623/hz charger for marine King multi-function light proof explosion lamp?
Ocean King multi-function light explosion proof lamp jw7623/hz charger voltage current isRated voltage: 3.7VRated capacity: 2.2AH
Q:Why must explosion-proof lamps be used in explosion protection facilities?
Explosion proof lamps and switches are required for flammable, easy and damp places such as filling stations, filling stations, chemical raw materials warehouses, wood warehouses, etc..
Q:What's the difference between traditional explosion proof lamp and LED explosion proof lamp?
Now LED explosion-proof lamp in the process is better than the traditional explosion-proof lamp, longer service life, saving half, future use of LED light source is a kind of trend, Zhejiang games belong to the domestic do LED explosion-proof lamp very professional manufacturers.
Q:Can the explosion-proof lamps be applied for UL certification according to ordinary lamps and lanterns?
Definitely not.. The explosion proof lamp has its own set of standards. Please refer to the GB3836 series for details
Q:It belongs to the household LED lamp explosion-proof lamp
Does not belong to, explosion-proof appliances must have a certain explosion resistance, can be called explosion-proof appliances.

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