Purple lighting GB8052-L100F-WF1 LED Explosion-Proof Light

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Purple lighting GB8052-L100F-WF1 LED Explosion-Proof Light

          Purple Lighting was founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district, for the national high-tech enterprises, national software enterprises. Enterprise was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "top baoan district innovation", "famous brand in guangdong province the most growth enterprises", "shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises" such as honor,                                                              Purple light illumination in the field of professional lighting industry in a leading position, has the industry's first special LED lamps and lanterns of key laboratory and baoan district special funding, is the earliest a batch of special research and development of LED lamps production enterprise, the industry's first new three board listed companies, the industry's first home for shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) energy conservation and environmental protection to support enterprises, the industry's first state-owned assets supervision and administration in enterprises in shenzhen city. The company is committed to building the first brand of LED lamps in the field of industrial lighting.

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Q:Is the lamp explosion-proof level high or three?
I level is the mark of coal grade II, plant logo, logo mark of coal is higher than the factory.
Q:Specific differences between explosion-proof lamps and three proof lamps
Three proof refers to waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, rather than explosion-proof, waterproof, fire, and Asahi ball explosion-proof is specializing in the production of three proof lamp manufacturers, such as looking for such products can also go to "network cat" above to find.
Q:Where does Baoding sell special explosion proof lamp for gas station? lamp
The so-called special explosion-proof lamp gas station, just a sales gimmick, filling machine, gas station, gas explosion explosion proof mark IIAT4, in which the level is relatively low, IIBT4 explosion-proof lamp,
Q:Explosion proof lamp is really not bad,
Huarong can, the shell is not ordinary glass, can withstand the impact of 4 jiao, explosion test done
Q:Is there an explosion proof sign behind the LED explosion proof lamp?
The explosion proof signs of gas explosion proof products include explosion proof symbols, explosion-proof types, types of use, temperature groups and protection grades, such as Ex, D, IIB, T4 and Gb. Dust proof products also have protection grade (IP).
Q:Does the explosion-proof lamp housing need to be earthed?
According to the national standard of electric explosion prevention, the earthing of explosion-proof electrical equipment has earthing device, must be grounded, and it is reliable grounding.
Q:Explosion-proof lamps manufacturers which good?
Zhejiang CXS Lighting Co., Ltd., the quality is good, guaranteed, the price is reasonable, I have touched, so to speak
Q:Where do you need an explosion proof lamp?
Explosion proof lamps and switches are required for flammable, easy and damp places such as filling stations, filling stations, chemical raw materials warehouses, wood warehouses, etc..
Q:Combustible gas detector, combustible gas alarm controller, explosion proof lamp has warranty period
The explosion-proof lamp is used for dangerous places exist combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps.
Q:Do explosion-proof lamps require 3C certification?
According to the 3C mandatory certification catalogue, the explosion-proof lamp needs 3C certification. The explosion-proof lamp belongs to the tenth category of the first compulsory certification products.Catalogue of the first mandatory certification productsFirst, wires and cables (5 kinds)Wire assembly, flexible rubber sheathed cables for mining purposes, AC rated voltage 3kV and below for railway vehicles of wire and cable, rated voltage 450/750V and below rubber insulated cables, rated voltage 450/750 and below V PVC insulated wire and cableTwo circuit switching and protection or connection of electrical equipment installed (6 kinds)The coupler (and similar appliances for household and industry), plug and socket (and similar domestic, industrial, thermal fuse), miniature fuse cartridge fuse, household and similar fixed electrical installations, switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations for enclosures

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