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We have a test on writing balanced equations for chemical reactionsI am having trouble with it, here are a few example problems, and the instructions at the top, i would appreciate it so much if you would help me.Write complete balanced equations for the list of chemical reactionsTypes of reactions and physical states must be included.Aluminum metal is heated and reacts with Fluorine gasSodium carbonate crystals are heated and decomposedAluminum metal reacts with sulfuric acid and bubbles are producedButane is burnedButane C4H10Solutions of aluminum iodide and silver nitrate are mixedthanks in advance!
Buy a heat pad that will keep your brew at a constant temperature! ButDon't think about heating the room, there's not that much surface area for the transition of heat, for the energy you'd useBest thing to do, cheapest towrap a blanket around your brew, snuggle it up like a babyonce your yeast starts it will self generate enough heat to finish iself offif only I could do that!! Measure the temperature of the brew, not the roomget those stick o thermometers, the little strips, they only a few dollars! Don't be opening closing it all he time, once it's going it will be fine.
Follow these instructions for installing aluminum profiles: 1. Begin by measuring and cutting the profiles to the desired length using a saw equipped with a fine-tooth blade. It is essential to wear safety goggles and gloves during the cutting process. 2. Prior to installation, ensure the surface where the profiles will be placed is thoroughly cleaned. Remove any dirt, dust, or debris that could interfere with the installation. 3. Apply adhesive or silicone sealant to the back of the profile to securely attach it to the surface and create a watertight seal. 4. Position the profile on the surface and firmly press it down to guarantee proper adhesion. Utilize a level to ensure it is straight and correctly aligned. 5. If needed, utilize screws or fasteners to further secure the profile to the surface. Pre-drill pilot holes to prevent any cracking of the aluminum. 6. Repeat this process for each profile, leaving a small gap between them to account for expansion and contraction. 7. Once all profiles are installed, remove any excess adhesive or sealant. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any residue. 8. Allow the profiles to fully cure according to the manufacturer's instructions before applying any additional finishes or utilizing the area. Always consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific installation guidelines and recommendations.
I don't have muffin cupsWhat can I use instead in the oven?
When you say you don't have muffin cups, are you referring to a muffin tin or to the paper liners for cupcakes? If you don't have the paper liners.just spray the muffin tin with cooking spray or grease them with shortening and your muffins/cupcakes will come out perfectly If you are saying that you don't have a muffin tin.then you can try placing muffin paper liners close together in a square pan and filling them with your muffin/cupcake batter (about 1/2 full) They won't hold a perfectly round shape this way, but they will still be individual sizes and very edible!!! When you ask about aluminum.if you are talking about aluminum foil or the disposable aluminum pans that you buy at the grocery store, then YES, these both can be placed in the ovenHope this helps!
I need 53' aluminum containers at a cheap priceIt doesnt matter how damaged it is.
caro is rightAsked my teacher shes 90% sure of it.
Hello everyone, i bought my GF a necklace. And the problem here is that the necklace is completely made out of aluminium. So i want to know if there are any kinds of fluids/materials/substances or anything that can harm the necklace in any way.Thanks for the helps!
The element Gallium can make aluminum as weak as tissue paper. As we seldom come across gallium -simply because it doesn't exist in a natural, elemental form -in our day to day lives then this isn't a problem for jewellery. Unless you work in the electronics industry with semi conductors in which case you would already know about the aluminum-gallium reaction and know not to wear or bring aluminum anything in the lab. Even cans of pop. look up aluminum gallium reaction on google -it's really cool! The only other real-world problem with aluminum is that it can be soft and can abrade and scratch easily. It shouldn't be worn while doing construction work or home renovations where it can get scratched -otherwise it will be fine.
does it add neutron/proton ? can you pls explain what will happenpls? :D thanks
The stuff with the neutrons and protons confuses people - that's only gonna change with nuclear reactions What sounds like is happening, is that you are creating a bimetal battery type setup, with the aluminum going into solution at one end, driving current between the two metals and through the solution, which is removing oxides from the necklaceThis is a common way to clear silverwareThe different potentials of the metals in a solution will form a batteryPut zinc and copper in an electrolyte solution and you'll read a potential (voltage) between themThis is what you're doing, just letting the current flow in the process and it's removing the oxides from the necklaceThe only thing the aluminum is adding is being a sacrificial anodeAs it goes into solution, it's generating a current that goes through the necklace, and the oxide is being dissolved off in the electrolytic process.
Has anyone used the aluminum deoxidizer from California Custom Products?I have some high polished aluminum wheels that have been damaged by acid from wheel cleaner and read on the California Custom website that they have a aluminum deoxidizer with a acid in it that will clean the wheels.I'm kind of worried since acid caused the damage to the wheels and now they want me to apply the acid until the wheels turn white.Anyone have any experiences with cleaning high polished aluminum wheels?
Both previous respondents got the height correctI do want to add that very early on, the term Vertical Assembly Building was, indeed used, but I think the term Vehicle Assembly Building has always been the official nameWhen it was first constructed it was the largest building in the world, in terms of volumeIt is so large that (it's said) it sometimes rains inside.
i baked a pizza and i think some pieces were stuck under and i didn't even i think i consumed some pieces of foil.what's gonna happen?!
NothingYour body won't process it, it'll just pass when you have a bowl movement.