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Product Description:

specifications:01) alloy: a3003 a110002) aluminium thickness: 0.026mm -

0.60mm03) aluminium width:a) standard width: 1,240mmb) special width:

1,300mm, 1,520mm, 1,570mm and 1,595mm are also available04) coating finish:

pvdf, polyester, acrylic05) total coating thickness:a) pvdf coating: more than

25 micronb) polyester coating: more than 18 micron06) coating hardness (pencil

hardness) more than 2h07) adhesion: 5j08) impact resistance: no cracking and

peeling09) flexibility (t-bend): 2t10) mek resistance: more than 10011) bottom

side aluminium sheet is coated with protective polyester material, an the

thickness is more than 6 micron12) minimum order: 1mt/1 x 20' fcl (about

17mt)13) certification: certificate of origin14) delivery time: 8 - 15 days after

receiving your first depositapplications:used to manufacture decorative

materials, such as aluminium composite panels, brushed panels, lampshades,

and other composite panels:1) exterior applications: wall cladding, facades,

roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations2) interior

applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies3)

advertisement and market applications: display platformssignboards, fascias

and shop fronts4) transport and industrial applicationspacking:export standard,

wooden splint                        

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In recent years have been accepted by various applications, especially in recent years, the rapid development of the supermarket industry.
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Stick them in the freezer until the very last minuteIt's not the best, but it's better than sending hot brownies.
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In the 3 decades I have been hunting with Bow I have used wood, fiberglass, aluminum and CarbonI am amazed at just how good the carbon arrows areNo other arrow I have ever used have taken the punishment and even still stayed in the quiver like the carbonTrue the carbon is more expensive then the aluminum arrow but the carbon arrow has lasted better then 3 to 1 over the aluminumWith aluminum arrows you will need to have an arrow straightened quite oftenFor they warp and bend very easy, hit a tree, deer or rocky soil and you will normally you will warp or bend the aluminum arrow out of tuneWhere as the carbon will flex and come back to true shapeI have one carbon arrow I nock in my bow the start of each deer season, for the last 3 yearsThat same arrow has taken 3 Bucks and 2 Does thus far and is still in perfect tuneFor the money I would have to say Carbon is a wise investment D58 Hunting with Rifle, Pistol, Muzzle loader and Bow for over 3 decadesReloading Rifle, Pistol and shotgun for over 3 decades.
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Weight is one wayAluminum will weigh less than half the same size volume of brassHowever it may be hard for a person not familiar with them to use weight as an effective identification method Color is anotherBrass will be yellow or orange lookingAluminum will always be silver or grey when cleanFrom the grinding comment it would seem that the material might be aluminum, depending on how you came up with whiteYou didn't mention the size or detailsIt's possible that the items are pot metal in nature, which would be closer to white usuallyPot metals are blends of zinc, tin and metals of that type You may have to do a better job of removing the surface material so you can positively see a larger area of the bare metal What probably won't help- None of these metals are magneticIf a magnet is attracted to the material, it has ferrous (iron) content and is not brass or aluminum or pot metals.
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If given a choice I'd choose a detached house like the one I have, with outside walls being 4 feet thick stone at the thinnest point and all inside walls 1 foot thick (non hollow bricks) with 30 feet deep foundations!
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they will buy it, but not likely give you the going rate for aluminum. they sell the metals they collect at the going rate, and this is true for all recycling centers. remember that they to are in business to make money.

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