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WIDTH:700-1800mm( body stock),60-1800mm(end&tab stock)



Special specification is available on customer's requirement

Q:okay, so i have abunch of this coated wire, when i cut off the grey coating it reveals 3 wires1 is red insulated copper, the other is black insulated copperThe copper is stiff (not brittle) but is strandedThe copper is much more durable than the stranded copper in the plugs of Electric appliances and Extension cordsbut it is about the same thicknessThe 3rd wire contained in the grey coating is aluminumthe 2 copper wires and aluminum wire are braided and wrapped in tinfoil within the grey coatingMy question is, what type of wire is this called / named? and What is the easiest way to strip the copper? no burningEasiest way to strip this type of copperrr?
At my job we have a hoist, pallet jack, a presto lift a cherry picker type hoist, a dolly, clamp truck, fork lift and electric liftI work in the paper industry.
Q:I don't have a roasting pan, but I want to make turkey for thanksgivingcan i just use a regular pyrex pan or ceramic pan? thank you :)
Roasters are usually deeper, and can go on the stovetop after cooking to make the gravyI've done roast chickens in my 15 pyrex, but I line it with foil for easier clean upDo you have a large dutch oven maybe? You have to be sure the turkey has room to roast, and you need it large enough to baste around without setting the oven on fire I like to buy the disposable aluminum roasting pans at the grocery store; way easier to clean up! Be sure to put a cookie sheet under it, though, to support the weight of the bird going in and out of the oven, or it'll collapse and ruin dinnerI usually double-up; they're cheap, recyclable, and a bit sturdier that way.
Q:so I wanna make an amazing family dinner but I dont feel like too much cleaning or too many ingreidentsAre there any pasta or rice dishes anybody knows?
Q:Some mordern day smallarms ammunition manufactures are having specially licenced exploding bullets for rifle and also handgun caliber round that seems to have 5 to 10 grams of impct explosive formerly acetone peroxide togeter or not with poisen as liquid mercury and energetic reactive metal powder magnesium aluminum hydrides or the sorts to get some fantastic kills due to explosions on impact and if it is licenced it should be true is it? and is it true for armored targets as well as others in a allaround best round compititions first runnerup.
because of the fact there anybody is lazy, and there are various immigrants around the international coming to u.schanging how society isno longer asserting I hate immigrants, yet they stay a distinctive existence formas an occasion Asians have very good manners so that they arrive right here with know to anybody, yet Africans, Spanish, (low classification) and lots extra contain undesirable mannersI aint a racist ok, im no longer White myself.
Q:Which subwoofer kit is better for the money?
Specialized, Specialized, Specialized, SpecializedI cant say it enoughThey make the best quality bikes in the world and my father's has lasted him since high schoolif you are going to bike alot, invest in a good one with disc brakes and a light aluminum frameit will pay off for you.
Q:I bought a 3 lb pkg of spare-ribs yesterday and would like to make them for dinner tonight( That's 8 hours until he gets home from work) He of course laughed and said you can't make BBQ ribs, we don't own a smokerlol AnywayEven though I can't make authentic BBQ ribs out of them, I still want to know how to cook them to where they will come out really tenderIf I should par boil them and then finish in the oven or crock pot? If I should just use the crock pot? Or if I should use oven crock potI'm only using my own seasonings on this and some store bought BBQ sauce and so I don't want any recipe's, JUST the KNOW HOW for making them tender! Thanks for all your answers!
a great bowl for any type of bong is a socket, yes the ones you put on a wrenchall different sizes to fit your bong and if you use a really small one you dont even need a screenthese are especially great for gravity bongsif you have never used one, you need toGB's are freakin amazing!
Q:How many sublevels are contained in each of these principal energy levels?an1 bn2 cn3 dn4How many electrons are in the highest occupied energy level of these atoms?aBarium bSodium cAluminum dOxygenWhich electron transition results in the emission of energy?a3p to 3sb3p to 4pc2s to 2pd1s to 2s
Not trueJust tell them not to do anything dangerous with it like eating it or bite on it and point out that it can be sharp.
Q:Okay I hope that got ur attentionI REALLY REALLY need a SUDAN dish for school tmwr asap! Something simple and preferablyy a dessert but at this point i will not be to pickyThank you so much!
CREME CARAMELA Sudanese Caramel Custard Yield: 1-quart mold In a 2-quart bowl: Beat: 8 EGGS with 1 quart MILK and 1/2 cup SUGAR until mixture is frothyAdd: 1 ozBUTTER, melted and 1 TbsVANILLA (or banana extract if available)In a 1 1/2-quart (6-cup) star-shaped aluminum cake pan: Melt 1/2 cup SUGAR and burn to caramel stage Rotate the pan to spread caramel all around the sides Beat the egg mixture again Pour it quickly into the cake pan Cover the pan with aluminum foil which has been well buttered on the under side Place the pan in a larger pan half filled with water (as you would do a custard) Bake at 350' for 30 minutes Remove cover and test with a silver knife (when it comes out clean, custard is done) Chill until thoroughly cold Turn the CARAMELA out onto a 10 to 12-inch platter garnish with candied cherries and mint leaves.
Q:Was a cookie like pastry spread in a ;arge pan and covered with orange mrmalade ad beaten egg whites.
Q:Why does aluminum foil float even though it has a greater density than the water itself? Im sure every 1 will say bouincy but pleaseeee dont there must be soemthing ealse affecting maybe a property that water has? If any one find an answer to this question and replays could you please add the site you got the information from, ty
Maybe the slightest bit of air always gets trapped and it aids in the buoyancy? I am pretty sure that the science experiment I did says that if you make sure that there is no air under a perfectly flat piece of foil, it will sinkHowever, if you roll it in a ball it will floatthis is because the air is caught in so many places on the ball which feels spikeythat is why it floatsDensity works only if you ball up the aluminumotherwise the density is higher as a flat sheet.

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