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TEMPER: O H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26
WIDTH: 200MM-1600MM
STANDAR: GB/T 3198-2003

Q:The studs I am referring to are the small round aluminum studs that come in a six pack just in case there was any confusion:)
The rolls of fibreglass nowadays are more user friendly and arnt as irritating compared to say 5-10 years agoThey will also have a fire resistant rating and wont attract the same amount of bugs that the blankets will.
Q:Why do metals of different particle sizes have different melting point?
They don't reallySmaller particles heat faster than large ones This is because they have more surface area per pound Wad up a sheet of aluminum foil and stick it in the ovenIt will take a fair amount of time to get hotDo the same thing with a sheet of foil, and it heats almost instantlyWorks the same for cooling.
Q:I have a piston that came from the car signed By Darrell Russell (the drag racer) on 8/3/03 from the races in Sonoma and cant find anything to compare it to price wiseI also have an autographed shirt and race handoutAs well as the program from the eventJust wondering what the value of these items are, especially the piston
Its worth the price of clean scrap aluminum, provided a top fuel driver can make it into the final rounds they will autograph 8 pistons per round and give them to fans, so figure 6 rounds times 8, so thats 48 pistons in one day, unless its a team on a budget they might use a piston for more than one run, actually some of the top teams will sell used servicable parts to some of the lower on a budget teams, I have an autographed John Force piston rod from Sonoma, aint worth $20 bucks,
Q:Is there a quot;wayquot; to cook a Chicken this way - - I just want it COOKED do not care about Flavor.I do not have a Pan for the Oven; nor a Deeper Saucepan for the Stove top.Thank you in-advance !! :)
If you want to cook it whole it will take a long time, but can be done if you can stuff it in the pan, add a litlte liquid and use aluminum foil to seal like a cover, turn on med til it starts to steam, then turn down low, and simmer a couple of hoursyou will need to watch it to make sure that the liquid from the chicken doesn't fill up the pan and boil over or that it doesn't evaporate and dry up and burn the chickeni would definitely cut it up to cook it like thator beg, borrow a crock pot
Q:we had nasty smell coming from my fairly new top loading dryer, checked the vent going outside and found dead mouse, how do i get that dead mouse smell out of my dryer ?
Go to the store and buy some peppermint or wintergreen oilThe pharmacist may have it behind the counter, so ask But several drops on an clean, damp cloth and put in the dryerSet the dryer on normal heat for about 20-30 minutes(Do not saturate the cloth; it will just make an awful messThe oils are volatile, too, so you don't want to use a lotJust several drops on a cloth.) You might open up the dryer vent and place a few drops inside the vent or put it in a small dish (make one from a piece of aluminum foil) and sit it in there, depending on the arrangement of the ventI had a mouse die in the furnace vent and the entire house smelledWe put little dishes of wintergreen oil in the floor registers and the smell was gone in a few daysKeep in mind that wintergreen oil and peppermint oil are VERY concentrated and VERY strongDo not get it on your skinKeep it away from kids and petsCats are drawn to it and it can kill them because it is so overpoweringOnce you use the oil, seal it tightly and put it up high in a cupboard where no one can get to it.
Q:Hello! So i have 3 chicken breasts that i need to cook in the oven for my boyfriend and im running out of ideas, any tips or advices?
always question my moral fiberThats why im so damn ready to die for iti dont follow anything blindly
Q:What easy, daily tasks can teens do to help stop global warming?
normalpink stuff is fiberglass insulationyou can cover it if you wishit is just keeping the house warm.
Q:I have a sleeping bag that is described as a 3 season bag.It has the following temp range (in celsius)Temperature Range: (Comfort) -1°C (Upper Limit)+14°CExtreme Capability: -12°CYet, I spent the night in my bedroom where it was maybe 9C ish min, and I was freezing my offThe sleeping bag was on an air matt, and I was pretty much just t-short / boxers, but still shouldn't I have felt warm? Is the rating assuming you are fully clothed whilst in the thing?I want to feel toasty warm when I'm in it.
haha yeah they're so awkward cuz well you're standing in a small room with someone who's basically thinking the same thing as youwho can understand your language and everything and you guys STILL don't say a word each other I always have to crack at least one joke if someone is in the same elevator with mejust to break the silenceEven if it's just a wowwww, this is awkward, eh? hait's the only joke that can really be crackedthen I just make a few strange body movements to make myself look like a total idiot-comedian typeI don't have a good elevator storyexcept my friend Autumn always rips as s in elevators when other people are in therehahahathat really stirs people up.
Q:A sheet of aluminum foil is 8.32 inches wide and is 11.0 inches longWhat are its dimensions in centimeters? what is the surface area of the foil in cm2?
Try a crafters store, like Michaels.
Q:My mum and dad are going camping this weekend for two nightsIt's my mum's first time, and I don't think my dad's been in over 20 yearsDoes anyone have any last minute advice I can give them, things to take, things to do, etc so that they'll think I'm a genius, and also so they don't come home early and ruin my plans.If it makes a difference, they're going on a camp site with toilet facilities etc on siteAnd they're taking the dog with them.
You actually don't want to suppress diarrhea because your body is trying to get rid of something like a toxinWhy would you want to hang on to that? Makes no sense from a holistic point of viewWhen your body is rid of the toxin it will stop trying to expel itYou can re-regulate your system with unsweetened pure applesauceThe fibre in it absorbs toxinsYou should also go to the health food store and get a high quality probiotic supplement.

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