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I really need new grip tape on my aluminum bat, it is starting to wear offWhere is the best place to buy it, and will they apply the grip tape on my bat for me?? Or would i have to do it myselfIf you have a link to a website of a place that sells good grip tape, please leave itThank you
The yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving.
I have a stainless steel patio heater that the pilot will not stay on what component from the whole system makes the pilot stay on, I've already disassemble the whole thing and blew air throughout everything, and it turned on and then when I shut if off to restart it, the pilot light did not want to stay ON, it will light but it will not stay on.don't know what to do now.
There is a thermocouple on the heaterIt is a round aluminum probe that the pilot light heats upThe sensor in the probe then allows the gas to enter the combustion chamberThe thermocouple looks like a small tube about the size of a pencil and is only a couple of inches long-it has a flexible wire tube on the end that screws into the gas valveCheck your gas supply and make sure the gas valve is onMost times you need to turn the gas valve to the pilot position then press down and hold while you light the pilot light - wait 60 seconds while holding the red button down then turn valve immediately to on position.
Why does aluminum foil float even though it has a greater density than the water itself? Im sure every 1 will say bouincy but pleaseeee dont there must be soemthing ealse affecting maybe a property that water has? If any one find an answer to this question and replays could you please add the site you got the information from, ty
Maybe the slightest bit of air always gets trapped and it aids in the buoyancy? I am pretty sure that the science experiment I did says that if you make sure that there is no air under a perfectly flat piece of foil, it will sinkHowever, if you roll it in a ball it will floatthis is because the air is caught in so many places on the ball which feels spikeythat is why it floatsDensity works only if you ball up the aluminumotherwise the density is higher as a flat sheet.
Where can I recycle aluminum cans for cash on east side of Cincinnati, Ohio?
Try Round Bottom Recycling off Round Bottom Rd in MilfordTheir phone number is 248-335They were paying 75c a pound for cans a couple of weeks ago.
I have 6 table top fountainsAt my old house I ran them almost every day I have since moved and kept them pack for the last year because I have been SO busy I have not been able to decorateI notice that there are serious deposits from water in the bottom of themI really want to remove themI have looked online and found many people recommend vinegar or CLR for these types of things.My concern is there is rubber tubing that carries the water and there is also deposits in themI want something that I can run through the fountains to make sure all the deposits are out of all the areasI am afraid both CLR and vinegar will eat through the tubingI did read the instruction manuals for them all and found no help.Does anyone know what I should use?
you can run vinegar through without damaging the tubingCLR will react with aluminum (the pump?) but shouldn't harm the tubingDo not use Bleach products as bleach will dry the rubber causing eventual failure.
Are they cast in a certain shape or are they quot;carvedquot; into the shape? what is the process?Thanks
in march, I fell in the backcountry and ragdolled for about a quarter of a mile, when I got up, my pole was bent all funnyI bought new ones, just because I knew the damage upped the chances of them breaking on my next big fallPoles are famous for breaking and bending at the most inconvenient timesI would buy some new cheap ones, and hope they outlast your next season, but they probably won't hahaha(:
What are some things i could talk about with one of my guy friends?we are really bored and have run out of things to say! :O
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I just started thinking about pie and you know how hard it is stop when you startCan anybody guess the ratio of ingredients and spices Publix might be putting in their pumpkin pies? I really like their recipe because it's not too spicey and not too sweetPumpkins aren't in season right now, I knowHowever, it costs far less to make pies, especially pumpkin pies at home.(Publix is a grocery chain here in the South Eastern USA)
You should take the siding off yourself as this will save you money from the contractor's time of removing it and you can sell the aluminum at a recycling center or scrap yardPotentially hundreds of dollars for clean aluminum siding for entire houseRemoving the old siding helps prevent build out issues around windows and other openingsIf you are planing to build out the trim on the windows you should add a layer of 1/2 foamboard for insulationTyvek will not do anymore for you than what the tar paper is already doing, as long as the tar paper is in good condition and tight,