Aluminium Foil for Beer Bottle Mark Printed Embossed Foil

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Alloy: 8011
Temper: O
Thickness: 0.01-0.012mm
Width: 200-1500mm
Core I.D.: 3" or 6"
Max OD: 700mm


2.Why you want to choose us?

We are a manufacter specialized in the research ,development and production of aluminum foildisposable products, with convenient transportation,all of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly 

appreciated in a varity of different markets Throughout the world.



3.Specification and Application 

Application:Used for beer label, foil label, aluminium foil beer neck label, aluminium beer bottle label
food-grade material, without odour, fading

Package:Seaworthv export packing,pp plastic paper wrapping,polywood cartoon,suitable for forklift

Remark: Specific requirement of alloy, temper or specification can be discussed at your request.









1. For the first order, we have no limit for the quantity.

2. From the second order, the MOQ is 50pcs.


Lead Time

1. Sample order can be delivered from our factory in 3 working days.

2. General order can be delivered from our factory in 7 - 15 working days.

3. Big order can be delivered from our factory in 20-35 working days at most.


OEM / ODM Service

1. For CCTV products,If the total order quantities are above 100pcs, we can silk-screen print customer’s logo on the products, and put customer’s model numbers in the labels, boxes.

2. We accept ODM projects, and welcome your enquiries!


Warranty Policy

We provide one-year warranty for CCTV Cameras and DVRs after the shipment date. Any product proves defective under normal usage, we will repair or replace it.

1. If our customers could repair the products by themselves locally, we will supply necessary spare parts.

2. If the customers couldn't repair the products, the products will need to be sent back to us, and we repair and bear 50% freight charge. All of our products are 100% passed strictly quality inspection before delivery.



The aluminum foil paper on the beer bottle can protect the transmission of ultraviolet rays, which is called "sunshine smell" ". Therefore, the edge of the beer cover is covered with aluminum foil to reduce the decomposition of the hops in the ultraviolet radiation, which affects the quality of the beer.

Aluminum foil paper is made from aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil paper bonding paper. Soft and easy to change, such as paper, and no rebound after deformation. Can be qualitative, to ensure that shading, not falling, not light, no pollution, the price is cheap. Aluminum foil as a raw material for industrial manufacturing, products are mainly used in packaging and protection, living supplies, construction and so on. Production began in 1932, the successful test of aluminum foil paper is a new type of industrial materials. Will be more to replace a single material, widely used in a variety of flexible packaging.

The use of aluminum foil is very extensive, such as aviation food packaging, cigarette packaging and other packaging ordinary carnivorous. The experts according to the different characteristics of its application, it is divided into more than 20 varieties. Different countries because of the level of economic development differences, aluminum foil consumption structure also has a big gap. In developed countries in Europe and America, the aluminum foil used for packaging is 70% of the total demand. Aluminum foil in the Chinese market is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, aluminum foil only accounted for 30% of the total domestic demand.



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