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What should I pay attention to in the tent?
The tent ventilation design good, generally have a screen and the screen, can only pull the screen window (door), open cover.
How to buy Tents? What are the functions and features of a good tent?
Seasonal features are classified into three seasons: lighter, general use, mild weather in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, good ventilation performance, four seasons account: sturdy, well ventilated, able to support snow and strong winds, which can be used in cold winter.
Are the tent floors and walls sealed?
In order to reduce the weight of the tent, the bottom of the waterproof performance is the most important indicator, if you want to live comfortably, then with a moisture-proof pad insulates moisture, in order to protect the tent bottom to increase the waterproof performance, also need to be equipped with a cloth, if coupled with a better sky
Outdoor camping tents are divided into several classes according to the degree of thermal insulation What kind of tent should be used for all kinds of insulation?
Tents should be purchased according to their use, such as summer, snow, snow or four seasons; the number of tents you can hold; the space you wish to possess; the weight of the tent; the price you can accept. We offer many combinations of different sizes, weights, and designs. You can choose what you want.
Do you have to spread the cloth before setting up the tent?
It is not necessary, nor can it be paved
What does the tent tent waterproof index mean?
According to the type of tent to distinguish, recreational tents used in the park, water index within 1000MM can; family camp tent waterproof index needs more than 2000MM; alpine tent waterproof index is more than 5000MM.
How to warm a tent?
There are some ropes outside the tent, which are used to reinforce the tent. There is no strong wind that can not be pulled. It is better not to worry. It is better to pull on the ground. Get up in the morning, if the weather is good, it is better not to immediately tent, and a little dry, and if the rain, home must remember to open dry, or it will mildew. The tent first to remove the external account, the account of the nails pulled out after Bieji's bar, open the door, the tent up to shake the earth, out there, and put it on the ground, the two pole took off a head, it can put the tent paved, the curtain rod from a push out, stop pulling, curtain rod is inserted up, pull on the loose. Finally, fold up the curtain and put away the inside and outside. Put it back in the bag. Don't throw the nails.
Where can I rent a tent?
We are with, you can rent money to buy a new one is not expensive to fix more than 200, recommend you mobigarden T2 is also good, I return to nature in a cat is also good to buy outdoor store, the store is a bit cheaper than that in early two hundred a little bit, you ran out of time it can be used, the rent is not health, I hope to help you