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Remove the computer and wash it off. What the motherboard did not move it, that is, the dust of those dust sasses, as well as the other wire of the skin what Sassafras wash, but the computer re-connected to the Internet when the old mistakes . and the lower right corner of the red Fork appears, disappeared after the emergence. The The Said the network cable is not plugged in, but the MODERN that POWER, LINK, LINE, 3 lights are normal display. The The This is how the matter, and just also appeared keyboard and mouse just start the machine can also be used normally, but in a moment to fall, and then plug their plug re-plug the mouse lights can be displayed, but the lights on the keyboard simply do not Bright, restart the computer but good, what is going on? bother. The The I hope the master quickly to help me, and this machine is relatively old ah No problem added: on a machine, just tried to re-create a connection in the network neighborhood, useless more
No need. Galvanized flat iron to do when the grounding grid is not anti-corrosion, but if there is welding or damaged place to become anti-corrosion.
Wire and cable: RVFV. : RVFSV. : UTP-CAT5E. : SYV-F-75-5 : RVFSP. : RVSP. : RVFVSP. What is the type of wire? Solve! More
Wipe with water that day. You can also use ink thinner
If you want to sell wire and cable, then what to do in advance to detect? The The The The The
Line width, and can not pass the gap between the chip pins, even after, but also because the distance between the wire and the lead is less than the electrical rules specified in the safe distance. In general, the ground can not pass through the gap between the chip pins, go outside or take the gap between the two columns through the gap. The width of the ground wire can also be set appropriately, and the wire is widened by adding a polygon brass cut. The safety distance in the electrical rules defaults to 10 mils, which is relatively small, and the safety distance of the different networks should be set separately as needed.
Decoration when the purchase of water pipes, wires and other items included in the account
A lot of ways ah! You look at the back of the set-top box, a total of three kinds of interfaces, namely, HDMI digital signal (while transmitting audio and video signals), red and yellow and yellow chicken complex habit of glycosylation moxibustion slim faint handle (red is the right channel, white Is the left channel, the yellow is the video), the color difference signal (red, green and blue, only transmission video), S terminal (single hole four pin, only transmission video). You just put the video to the TV, the audio to the amplifier on the line. . if your amplifier does not have HDMI interface, then put the set-top box HDMI connected to the TV, the set-top box red and white two terminals, connected to the amplifier red and white input terminal, and adjust the amplifier to the appropriate channel The . if your amplifier has HDMI interface, then through the HDMI series on the line, the first amplifier or the first TV will do. . TV set after a lot of them, there is a group of AVOUT output interface, this group of red and white terminals connected to the power amplifier is also OK.
What is the difference between "wire" and "cable"?
Simple point, the plotter is generally used to out of the line map, the general is the Academy of Engineering, the Bureau of the use of a CAD map, and some can also be some effect of the general effect of the map, generally suitable for color requirements are not very high, but right Print accuracy requires a high place. Inkjet machine can be divided into indoor and outdoor ink, outdoor irritating smell, for outdoor advertising like the effect of the map, the indoor no irritating smell, the general subway, as well as other indoor advertising are used this out of
Why does the bird stand on the wire without anything, but if people touch it,
Please provide air-conditioned three-leg socket photo, because you said "open inside is 2.5 square line ~ is a separate line ~" is not very understanding.
What is the difference between the WDZ wire and cable, the ZR wire cable and the NH wire and cable, and what kind of wire and cable should be used?
Make a mark, such as red set into the bottom for a color in a layer, or you can draw a few plans, water and electricity is a strong power is a weak and one, the label can do a good job
Cable a fire line power and why the other did not pick up the line with a pen test also have electricity? Answer detailed point
Can do so, it seems that less a HDMI high-definition line