• Aluminum Foil for Industry, Aluminum Foil for Air Duct, Aluminum Foil for Insulation System 1
  • Aluminum Foil for Industry, Aluminum Foil for Air Duct, Aluminum Foil for Insulation System 2
Aluminum Foil for Industry, Aluminum Foil for Air Duct, Aluminum Foil for Insulation

Aluminum Foil for Industry, Aluminum Foil for Air Duct, Aluminum Foil for Insulation

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5000 m.t./month

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Engine cooling and air conditioning in cars and other vehicles


8011/1100 /1235



Thickness & Tolerance:

0.006mm -0.2mm (±6% )

Width & Tolerance:


Mechanical Properties:

Tensi le Strength(U .T.S)280Mpa, Elonga tio n≥1%


GB/T3198/  ASTM-B209  /  EN546

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NH4Cl + Al - AlCl3 + NH3 + H2 (not balanced)

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