Anti-explosion expanded aluminum foil mesh

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Blister packaging per roll, each of four volumes, or volumes of a cardboard box or as your request
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after receipt of L/C or down payment


Aluminum foil mesh
2.Mesh opening:1x2mm,3x6mm,4x8mm,5x10mm
4.Factory price

Aluminum foil mesh

1.Materila:Aluminum wire

1. )Air-condition aluminium foil mesh specification:

  Width: 500-800mm

  Thickness: 0.2-0.05mm

2.) Rang hood aluminium foil mesh specification:

Aluminium foil mesh single thickness: 0.04-0.2mm

Hole size: 1*2mm, 3*6mm, 4*8mm, 58*10mm, 3*8mm, 4*10mm, 4*12mm, 6*12mm, etc.

2.Aluminum foils filter mesh, Expanded metal sheet, expanded metal mesh, metal mesh, china wire mesh, china metal mesh, anping metal mesh

Adopting the advanced craft, selecting the ultra thin aluminum foil for developing aluminum foil filter mesh, widely used in the fried pan ,kitchen ventilator ,air conditioner ,dehumidifying device that used on the household appliances .

Can produce various kinds of specification aluminum foil mesh according to customer's enquiry, and can dispose the high-quality metal frame outside according to customer's enquiry.

plate thickness(mm)hole width(mm)hole length(mm)mesh
mesh width(mm)mesh

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