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Appication: For different food container, such as dishes, plates, trays, etc

Alloy: 8011/3003


Thickness& Tolerance: 0.05mm-0.20m(±8%)

Width& tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength(U.T.S)≥49Mpa, Elongation≥1%

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:Can you bake sculpey with a hair dryer?
I am a polymer clay artist and the answer is sadly noIf the lack of an oven to bake them in is the issue I suggest going to goodwill and buying a used toaster oven.You must clean really good it first as any grease will mess with the clayI have baked pc in a roaster bag , like you would bake a chicken in, in my oven for larger pieces, this way you won't mess it up or make it have that baked pc fume smellMake sure you use an oven thermometer as it is important that pc bakes at the suggested tempI hope this helped.
Q:how much is 2in square tubing?
It's usually sold by the tonHow much are you going to buy? It's usually more per ton for small quantities than it is for a mill runAnd if you are talking about very small quantities from the scrap yard, it's usually sold by the pound and the price would depend on your local scrap marketYou didn't say whether you wanted steel or aluminumThe price for aluminum will be different than that for steel and the weights per unit length will be different alsoFor budgetary numbers, you can figure the density of steel to be about 0.3 lb/cu.inand aluminum to be about 0.1 lb/ 2 x 2 x 1/8 square tubing would have a cross section area of 4 - (1.75)² 0.9375 sq.inand a volume of about 11.25 per linear footSo a foot of 2x2x1/8 aluminum tube would weigh about 1.125 pounds and a foot of 2x2x1/8 steel tube would weigh about 3.375 poundsCheck a local scrap yard for the price per pound for aluminum or steel (depending on which you want), multiply that by 1.125 or 3.375 as appropriate and that will tell you how much a 1 foot length of 2x2x1/8 square tubing would beMultiply that by the number of feet you need and you will then know how much the 2 square tubing would be.
Q:how many electrons are available for bonding in AlCl3?
NoneHere is how you know: If you're unfamiliar with the tricks to using the periodic table, the number in the ones column of the group for any element (These run across the top horizontally) is the number of valence electrons in its outer shellGoing to assume you understand electron shell theory, if not you'll need to consult a diagram a chapter or so back in your bookElectron shells really like to be filledAluminum has 3 valence electronsOut of a possible 8, this is closer to 0 than 8It wants to share those electrons, giving it a positive charge (Easier to ditch 3 than pick up 5)Chlorine has 7 Valence electrons7 is closer to 8, so it's easier to want to pick up 1 more electron to fill its shell, giving it a negative chargeSo, when you have 1 Aluminum atom, and 3 Chlorine atoms, you end up with +3 from Al and -3 from ClThe charge balances, they share their electrons, and the electron shell fills Certain elements have more than one possible number of valence electrons, such as Fe2 and Fe3, etcJust an FYI, not important to the question asked.
Q:Can microwave oven use aluminum foil?
Yes, it does matter.Microwave produced by microwave oven belongs to radio frequency band, usually around 2500MHz. This band of microwaves has the following features: 1) it can be absorbed by food and water, causing molecules to move violently and produce heat. 2) not absorbed by plastics, ceramics, or glass. 3) the metal conducts electricity under the influence of the electric field of the microwave. The electric field of thick metal can resist the microwave, and the microwave reflected out, so the inner wall of the microwave oven is made of thick metal; if the thick walled metal container in the microwave and metal containers will reflect the microwave so that the food is not heated. But the foil is too thin, so electrical conductivity can cause a catastrophic reaction. The process of conducting a thin metal so rapidly that its temperature rises linearly can cause a fire. At the same time, the tip produced by the heat contraction of the foil causes sparks, which can ignite any combustible material in the microwave oven.
Q:Why did the Bush administration lie about the aluminum tubes?
We found out after the war began that Bush came to office wanting to invade Iraq again and 'finish the job his father started'Bush arrived at the White House with an agenda already set an in placeHe used 9/11, as he used every crisis and emergency during his years in the White House, as a justification to pursue this pre-set agendaThere are web pages that list as many as 20 or 25 reasons Bush came up with to invade IraqOne after another these reasons were discredited, and Bush would just drag out another oneSaddam had helped Al QuaedaSaddam was in league with terroristsSaddam had bio and chemical weapons with which he planned to attack the USHe had unmanned aircraft that could reach the US and do serious damageHe had nuclear weapons! No? Well he had a nuclear programNo? Well he had nuclear program related activitiesHe'd bought tons of uranium ore from NigerHe had mobile WMD labs The aluminum tubes was just one more phoney reasonIt came, was discredited, and forgotten, replaced by other justificationsIf the news media had been doing their job they would have pointed out 'This is the 17th reason Bush has come up with for why we must immediately invade Iraq.' Instead they treated each new revelation as something new, actual evidence, actual 'news'Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the plan, openly admitted some years later that the WMD was a red herring, a fake issueIt was just something we could all agree on, he saidThe real reasons for the invasion had nothing to do with WMD.
Q:How do you make red skinned potatoes?
I ONLY use them when cooking LARGE amounts of foodfor 40-50 people, and I don't reuse themA regular use at our home is Lasagnawe will make 10 tins at a time, and freeze 8 of them for later useHelps given our family of 7.
Q:i own an airsoft gun with a smooth aluminum barrelis there a way to add rifling?
No, you can't rifle your gun's barrelConsider how airsoft guns work - they use a hopup system to put backspin on the BBThe backspin keeps the BB on a flat and level trajectory for much longer than a non hopped roundYou can't apply a rifled spin to this as it'd just send the BB spiralling away out of controlPutting a (hypothetical) rifled spin onto a non-hopped BB might well make it more accurate but the range would be severely reduced You can get what are called twist barrels which appear to be rifledThey're not rifled in the proper sense, but the spiral grooves set up a spiral air current in the barrel which keeps the BB centred in the barrel and is supposed to give it a more stable flight (and therefore more accuracy)This system can be used effectively with hopupThere is some debate however whether it has any substantial effect at all.
Q:What do I do in a fudge recipe, if I don't have wax paper to line the pan? What else can I use? Crisco?
You'd need an alloy, possibly one of the aircraft grade duralumin series - alloyed with copper or zincThere are always downsides, though, and you could wind up with a more brittle or corrosion-prone tube.
Some grocery stores may have oneMost of the larger department stores carry a few different sizesLook on line this way you can see what stores might have it.
Q:is there a simple lasagna recipe to make small serving, and not using cottage cheese?
The basic idea is you layer sauce, noodles, and thin layers of cheese until you run out of noodles, putting some extra mozzarella on the top, maybeA combination of ricotta and mozzarella works best, but it would be interesting to see what exclusive use of mozzarella would turn out to be likeI like to mix romano in with the ricotta, personallyIf you want to put hamburger spinach, or bits of zucchini or other vegetables in the sauce, that's up to youAn 8 X 8 pan should take from 45 minutes to an hour on 350 F, depending on how high you stack itI get good results with the no-boil kind of noodles if you can find them, and it saves an extra step with no noticable difference in taste or textureIf you want to make sure the inside gets warm before the cheese gets brown, you can put aluminum foil on the top of the pan until the last ten minutes of baking.

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