Aluminium Foil For Household Application

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TT or LC
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5 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Product Description

1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000series, etc.

The detailed grade are as follows: 1010, 1050,1060,1100, 2024, 3003, 3005, 3105, 5052,5754,5083,6061,6063,8011, etc.

The temper is include H14, H22, H24, H44,H112,H114,etc.

2. Main features of the product

a.Competitive price

b.Frist-Class Service.

c. Shortest service.

3. Image.


Aluminium Foil For Household Application



4. Product detailed sizes:

1000mm*2000mm, 1219mm*2438mm,1220mm*2440mm, 1250mm*2500mm,1500mm*3000mm, etc.

5. FAQ:

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006 or others.

What is the width range?

---It is from 1000mm to 2500mm, etc.

What is the length range:

---It is from 2000mm to 6000mm, etc.

What is the MOQ for your products yet?

---Normally it is around 5 tons/each size.

How many tons did you export in one year?

---Normally it is around 9000 tons totally.

Where is your client from?

---Normally it is from Japan, USA, ENGLISH, SINGAPORE, ETC.

What is your mainly products?

---Normally they are aluminum sheet, checkered sheet, mirror finish aluminium sheet, aluminum casting coil, etc.



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