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Application: PTP foil, cold-forming foil, aalu-alu foil

Alloy: 8006/ 8011/ 8079

Temper: H18/O

Thickness& Tolerance: 0.02mm-0.09mm(±6%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength(U.T.S)≥160Mpa, Elongation≥1%

Standard: GB/T31988/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:GCSE chemistry help please?
yeah a cookie sheet made with something other than aluminum
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I guess it's because you got excited! No just kidding.the body temperature 98.6 is around 26 + degrees warmer than the surrounding air therefore you will warm each other by the heat or warmth given off by your bodies.
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Eat 5 6 small meals a day instead of 3
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B - A 13.461 - 13.355 0.106 g sample C - A 13.406 - 13.355 0.051 g sample after reaction 0.106 g - 0.051 g 0.055 g sample used in reaction That's about all I can do with the information you have given me (I have no clue what reaction you are talking about).
Q:Physics, if you shoot a bullet through water?
first answer is trueif you fire a bullet into water 1 of 2 things are sure to happen1the bullet requochets of the surface due to the surface tension of the water2the bullet shatters on the force of impact trying to break the surface tensioneven an aluminium bullet will shatterBut then sometimes you do get one that dosnt shatter but willbreak surface tension and still be in one piece, but then the bullet would be so mangled you wouldnt be able to identify which gun it came fromMost tests like what you just said are shot into ballistic gel.
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I picked up a 2YO Halter horse a few months agoHe's very much a baby, doesn't crib but loves to chew on EVERYTHINGI bought No Chew and sprayed it on everything he chews onIt worked, I just had to re-apply it every dayBut now, i don't have to anymore because after a week or two of consistently spraying the No Chew, he quitIs your horse getting a proper amount of mineral and salt each day? A lack of that can cause them to chew on woodHope this helps!
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Density is mass divided by volume.
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Thermocouples are made by joining two dissimilar metals that produce a voltage (Seebeck effect) that is variable with TemperatureThermistors are resistors that are variable by the TemperatureSo a circuit that is measuring voltage would use the Thermocouple and one that is measuring current would use the ThermistorBoth would work in a 2m depth in the groundThe only thing to really make up your mind is what you want to spend (cost of the device) and what you want to measure (cost of the circuit)In both cases I believe it would be cheaper to go with the ThermistorYou could use a regular Ohm meter to tell the difference in resistance value.
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Your not from USA right? Not racism, just curious (answering from Hong Kong)1The combustion of iron/sulphur mixture to form iron (II) sulphide 2The reaction of sodium in chlorine gas to form NaCl (IN FUME CUPBOARD AND BEWARE OF CHEMICAL FIRENa is highly reactive and chlorine is poisonous, as the second comment states) 3Make tin-lead solder (an alloy widely used in welding) by melting and mixing the two metals in an aluminium foil cup (those for making cakesYou know.)

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