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Application: PTP foil, cold-forming foil, aalu-alu foil

Alloy: 8006/ 8011/ 8079

Temper: H18/O

Thickness& Tolerance: 0.02mm-0.09mm(±6%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength(U.T.S)≥160Mpa, Elongation≥1%

Standard: GB/T31988/ASTM-B209/EN546

Q:I no that the concave in the bottom and the rim in the top are for sacking purposesbut i need to no whether things such as surface area a major problem.Does the shape effect the speed that the can heats/cools?Is it all for the comfort of the consumer?Thanks in advance :)
It could be a week and it could be monthsI give you a big pat on the back for choosing a much healthier lifestyleYour body will level out soon enoughI, myself, should be following your lead, but I too dive in overboard first few days, and then I'm in misery with gas and pains, and the runs :) Good luck with thisI'm sure it wont be much longerYour body will soon adjust to accomodate your new dietGood for yoU!
Q:Has anyone heard of large wall mirrors causing connectivity problems with a wireless G access point?
Hello: Mirrors use an aluminum foil alloy to create the reflective surfaceIt is possible for the aluminum to reflect the microwave frequencies used in 802.11GUnder some circumstances that /might/ cause problemsMicrowave communications reflectors are large aluminum sheetsAnd yes, 802.11G is 2.4GHz, the same frequency range used by Microwave ovens, very much in the Microwave rangeIncidentally, aluminum reflects Microwaves.steel alloys absorb themThis is not at all the same kind of thing as a TV remote control, which uses pulses of infrared lightCheers!
Q:How long and what temperature do I cook a Spiral ham that weighs 8.71 lbs? It comes in a shiny purple package includes glazing packetI read on a site to put 1/2 the glaze on 10 minutes before taking it out of the oven and then the rest when ham is doneI have an aluminum pan, what else do I need to add in the pan besides the ham of course? Water? If so, how much? And do I wrap the ham in tinfoil or do I cover the whole pan with tin foil? Thanks everyone Happy Thanksgiving!!
Wrap the ham with foilPut a cup of water in the panBake for 2 hours and 50 minutes are 325 degrees.
Q:Felix has placed some Aluminum (where the official looked up inferred absolute temperature is 236 Celsius) 24 gauge wire in a toaster oven at 275 degrees FahrenheitHe measures the resistance of the HOT wire to be 6.21 ohmsWhat is the length of the wire? Be sure to state the answer in feet to exactly the tenths place (ie rounded to ONE decimal places such that the number has the form of where represents some numerals that are CORRECT!) In other words, only express your answer with 4 numbers and a period/decimal point in the form of: .I don't know how to do it! Any help?
diameter of 24-gauge wire ordinarily 0.511 mm, at (I think) 25 Celsius Resistivity of aluminum 2.65 x 10^(-8) ohm meter at 20 C Temperature increases resistivity by a factor 1.0038 per degree C Temperature increases diameter by a factor 1.0000023 per degree C Now use R (resistivity)(length) / (pi r^2) after correcting both the diameter and the resistivity for the temperature changeThe only unknown in the equation is length; also note that the length you will calculate will be the HOT length, which perhaps they wanted corrected to room temperatures.
Q:I think it would make the perfect vacation package to pop up and down the east or west coastor tour the gulf for that matter.
cause carbons a gas so it can't also be a metal i think? carbons a noble gas .
Q:Just wondering if you could use an aluminum foil pan instead of a baking pan to bake a cake.
Exercise stopping smoking (if you do), some drugs like fenofibrate and crestor
Q:Metal polishing compound is easily available at auto stores...and it works well. I tried it on stainless steel. The result is amazing.... I am thinking of using it on aluminum. I am sure I will get a shinny result just like on S.S. (I've seen people polish the bottom part of a soda can)... however... my question or concern is how can polished aluminum stay shinny? It would be oxidized easily and becomes dull in a few days (would it?) Any ways to prevent it? Like putting on a special clear coat??
Try Kit. Apply a dab and clean with a microfiber towel.
Q:Is it okay to use stainless, zinc coated steel, and/or brass compression fittings with aluminum tubing?
You may find the answer could vary depending upon the desired use for the tube and possibly its size and wall thickness.
Q:I'm staying in the kitchen this year (cliche).I know I'm making western potato rounds which are sliced potatoes with barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, and green onions, and I'm also making hot wingsI was thinking about crab cakes, too.Any ideas?Just little appetizer type things.Thanks in advance! (:
Q:Because my mom said i waste electricity by ovening for a hour
I am not as fast a knitter as most people because I knit the English or American style and am a throwerBut I do get the job done and do not worry about speedExcept for a baby blanket for a baby due in March.

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